Honorary Life Members

William R. Armstrong, CPP, Fellow
C. Graham Arnold, Fellow
Peter B. Baker
Louis C. Bradley
Lejo C. Brana, CPP, Fellow, MInstPkg
Ralph E. Brandt, Jr., CPP, Fellow
Aaron L. Brody, PhD, CPP, Fellow
James K. Cage, Fellow
Edward Church, CPP Lifetime
R. Patrick Clark
Robt. L. Cook, CPP
Lawrence C. Dull, CPP, Fellow
Michael H. Eastman, CPP, Fellow
Edward H. Eppel, III
Thomas Falls, CPP, Fellow
S. Wayne Fast, Jr., Fellow
Walter C. Faulkner, CPM, Fellow
Max Fessler
Robert M. Fiedler, CPP, Fellow
George Finn
Robert S. Forsyth, CPP, Fellow
Richard E. Frain, Jr.
James W. Goff, Fellow
Donald E. Gould
Jack J. Grams, PAK, Fellow, Life
Al Grant, CPP, Fellow
Frank W. Green, P.E.
Joseph Grygny, Fellow
Thomas J. Hajec, Fellow
Sami A. Hemsey, CPP
James F. Henry
Gerald A. Hock, CPP, Fellow
Frederick V. Holloran, CPP, Fellow
Henry G. Johnson, Fellow
Michael S. Kelley, CPP, Fellow
Ronald C. Klein, Fellow
John C. Kohler, CPP, Fellow, Life
Stanley J. Kopecky, Fellow
Marvin M. Kufahl, Ed.D, Fellow
Elmer L. Kuhlman, Fellow
Edwin O. Landon
Howard R. Leary, P.E., CPP, Fellow
James G. Lentz
Edmund A. Leonard, Fellow
Stanley Lienhop
George F. Long, CPP, Fellow
Thomas J. Lowery, CPP, Fellow
Robert A. Luciano, P.E., Fellow
Roger J. Mabbett
David MacKay
Kenneth S. Marsh, PhD, CPP, CFS
Howard Martin, Sr.
Alfred H. McKinlay, P.E., CPP/MH, Fellow
William F. Megargle, Jr.
Noel J. Mertz, CPP, Fellow
Ben Miyares, Fellow
Robert E. Montenieri
William P. Moroney
Thomas P. Mrozek, CPP, Fellow, Life
Robert A. Murzin, CPP
Duane Nordstrom, CPP, Fellow
Donal J. O’Connor, CPP, Fellow
Andrew M. Parrella, CPP, Fellow
Charles E. Perrin, CPP, Fellow
William C. Pflaum
Elaine R. Pitts, Fellow
Norman L. Rathfon, III, Fellow
Nathan Roth
James A. Russell
Robert B. Schaefer
Thomas L. Schneider, CPP, Fellow
Stephen Schulte CPP Lifetime
Stu R. Smith, Fellow
Walter G. Soroka, CPP, Fellow
Roger K. Stewart
James Sullivan
William C. Suttles, Fellow
George M. Thorpe
James H. “Jim” Trimm
Charles E. Tudor, CPP/MH, Fellow
Jon Vaninger, PE, CPP, Fellow
James B. Wadick
Gerald H. Zimmer

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