Recommended Text

IoPP’s multiple-choice test is based on Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, published by the IoPP.

“Fundamentals” is intended to be a teaching tool. IoPP uses it as the standard reference for certification because of its liberal use of illustrations, simple and detailed explanations, and exercise questions at the conclusion of each chapter.

Special note: IoPP reserves the right to approve tests offered by other organizations or educational institutions which may then be used for the test portion of the qualification procedure. There is no guarantee that such tests will also use the same text as the basis for questions and answers. In any case, IoPP will use the “Fundamentals” text as the “reference of appeal” on any disputed answers.

To order the Fundamentals text book, visit IoPP's online book store. When page opens, the Fundamentals text can be found under "Best Sellers."

For more information on this and other texts,
phone the IoPP Book Store at 1-630-544-5050, ext. 105.