IoPP’s webinar lineup in 2014 will come with some exciting changes that include IoPP's “Premium Webinar Series.”
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Standard Webinar Series
Four will be offered during the year.

Costs for Standard Webinars:
IoPP Members:
(all membership tiers)
$99/per webinar
Premium Webinar Series
Includes six or more additional webinars on high-demand topics
that appeal to packaging professionals who want additional insights
that can advance their careers.
Costs for Premium Webinars:

Premium/Elite Members:

Regular members:
$99/per webinar

Premium Webinars are not available to Affiliates/Non-members
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2014 Webinar Schedule:

December 4, 2014 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CST
Standard Webinar: Leveraging Consumer Insight to Drive Powerful Packaging Solutions
Presented by Becky Donner, VP Design and Market Insight, TricorBraun.
Click here for registration and details. 

IoPP Webinars On-Demand
On-Demand webinars can be found by going here.
For more information about IoPP webinars or if you would like to submit a topical packaging-related presentation that would be of high interest to the packaging community, please contact Jim George, IoPP Director of Education, at 1-630-696-4011, or e-mail jimg@iopp.org.