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IoPP announces Mastermind Group program
When confronted with a packaging or professional issue, is it becoming more and more difficult to find like-minded peers who may be faced with similar issues? Where do you go if you need to drill down deep to find specific strategies/applications for your packaging operations? What if you want to concentrate on professional development tools and goals? While IoPP's mission is to help packaging professionals connect with each other, the newly developed IoPP Mastermind Group program gives members the opportunity to address common challenges that other members may be experiencing. Whether concentrated on packaging issues, professional growth or education, IoPP's Mastermind Group program provides a forum for focused and success-minded connections and support from others with similar interests, challenges and goals. This edition of the IoPPupdate gives an overview of this new program.

Find answers to your toughest questions
IoPP Mastermind Group members will be able to interact regularly with each other to ask the tough questions, to offer ideas, to receive direct and honest feedback, and to find practical solutions to their current challenges - whether packaging-specific or focused on professional development. Mastermind Group members work together to find strategies and how to implement them immediately. Each Mastermind Group will be given its own online meeting forum located at www.iopp.org, where group members can exchange ideas and host virtual and regular meetings. Of course, Mastermind Groups can meet in person as well! It's up to you! 

For Mastermind Group details, click here.

What are Mastermind Group requirements?
Involvement in an IoPP Mastermind Group requires that you are a member of good standing with IoPP, that you are able to commit the time needed to participate in the group regularly, that conversations within a group are kept confidential to the group, that groups are non-commercial and that the group will abide by IoPP's Constitution and By-Laws. A $50 application fee is also required.

For Mastermind Group requirements, click here

What is the make up of an IoPP Mastermind Group?
Once you join or start a Mastermind Group, the group includes members and a group leader. The Mastermind Group is focused on your group's specific wants and needs. The group leader organizes and manages meetings, reports and other details of the group. The leader is the facilitator – the main point of contact for group members and for IoPP.

For Mastermind Group composition, click here

Joining/starting a Mastermind Group is easy!
To be involved in an IoPP Mastermind Group, you need to be a current member of the Institute. This provides member access to your group’s online meeting forum, other resources and information, as well as full member benefits within IoPP. Joining/starting a Mastermind Group requires filling out a questionnaire/application that helps ensure that you are in alignment with other members of your Mastermind Group. Once a group is formed, you need to name your group. This is needed to set up your online meeting forum section for group communications. Only people in your group will have access to your group’s online meeting forum.

To join or start a Mastermind Group, click here

Get started today!
For complete program details and questionnaire/application, click here. Take advantage of extending your reach into IoPP's membership through the Mastermind Group program. Get to know your peers and work with them side-by-side to accomplish your professional goals and to find answers to your packaging issues. 

More Questions? Contact Kelly Staley at kstaley@iopp.org. Or phone 630-544-5050, ext. 100

Upcoming events

January 25
New England Chapter meeting: Toward More Sustainable Packaging: An Update for 2011, Nashua, NH.
Click here for more information. Contact: Joe Iannone, e-mail jai442sls@aol.com.

January 25
New Jersey Chapter meeting, Bridgewater, NJ.
Click here for more information. Contact: Terri Westerhaug, e-mail Twesterhaug@yahoo.com.

January 26
Glass City Chapter Lunch Meeting and Tour: H.O.T. Printing & Graphics, Northwood, OH.
Click here for more information. Contact: Brian Walker, e-mail bwalker@gbp.com.

January 26
Wine, Spirits and Beer Task Group meeting, Sacramento, CA.
Click here for more information. Contact: Sarah Tomasetti, e-mail saraht@grosrecruiters.com.

January 27
Golden Gate Chapter tour: Zanker Material Processing, San Jose, CA.
Click here for more information. Contact: Maggie Turner, e-mail Maggie.Turner@clorox.com.

January 27
Tejas Chapter Tour: Rubbermaid, Greenville, TX.
Click here for more information. Contact: Grace Shipley, e-mail gshipley@guardianpackaging.com.

January 28
Cincinnati Chapter Meeting and Tour: Innovative Labeling Solutions, Hamilton, OH.
Click here for more information. Contact: Mark Trainer, 513-936-8000, ext 108.

January 31
Fox Valley Chapter Chili Cook-Off, Green Bay, WI.
Click here for more information. Contact: Brenda Halama, e-mail brenda.halama@styreneproducts.com.

February 1
Wisconsin Chapter Event: A Discussion on Eco-Packaging, Milwuakee, WI.
Click here for more information. Contact: Jeff Corbat, e-mail jcorbat@yahoo.com.

February 8-10
WestPack, Anaheim, CA.
Click here for more information. Contact: e-mail wpinfo@cancom.com.

February 16
Minnesota Chapter Event: Quantifying and Qualifying Interfacing Between People and Packaging, Golden Valley, MN.
Click here for more information. Contact: Ann Kvaal, e-mail ioppmn@comcast.net.

February 16-18
IoPP Chemical Packaging Committee meeting, Sarasota, FL.
Click here for more information. Contact: Carole Schiller, e-mail cschiller@iopp.org.

February 24
Golden Gate Chapter 2nd Zanker Tour, San Jose, CA.
Click here for more information. Contact: Maggie Turner, e-mail Maggie.Turner@clorox.com.


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