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IoPP's new online learning platform is here!
Answering the growing demand for education on your own time, at your own pace, and from wherever you are, IoPP is launching its first series of educational programs via the Internet. Starting now, IoPP is introducing the convenience of web-based learning options. Developed in cooperation and funded by Kraft, General Mills, Clorox and Ecolab, the E-Learning platform creates and offers downloadable-on-demand training content through the IoPP Packaging Learning Center.
For details about IoPP's E-Learning program, click here 

Out of the box! Fundamentals of Packaging Technology is primed for "E-Learning"
IoPP's first E-Learning offering will be its signature seminar, Fundamentals of Packaging Technology. You now have instant access to the Fundamentals curriculum without having to travel to take classes! Online Fundamentals is available 24/7. It entails 42 prerecorded modules and more than 25 hours of content closely resembling IoPP's popular in-person Fundamentals course. Online Fundamentals enables you to take either the entire seminar or select and pay for only the modules you want and complete lessons as your schedule allows. Take what you need, when you need it!
To view the online Fundamentals curriculum, click here

Build your packaging team's knowledge - globally
Packaging teams are decentralized, often working globally, making a common understanding of general packaging technologies difficult to attain, yet critical to each team member's success. By introducing an online format, IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course becomes a truly global program that helps develop a common understanding of packaging terms - including many technical issues - accross global packaging teams. Convenience is great - but flexibility is key! 
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Its up to you!
If you don’t have a packaging degree. Or if you need more knowledge to deliver solutions drawn from an increasingly complex number of options. Then IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course helps span the gap. Working toward becoming an IoPP Certified Packaging Professional (CPP)? Fundamentals teaches you about every major segment of packaging, and you grow professionally. And now you can achieve your packaging educational and professional goals on your own terms! Take Fundamentals online anytime, anywhere.
For online Fundamentals modules, click here

Let's get started! It's easy!
Start Fundamentals online now! IoPP is offering the Perspective on Packaging E-Learning module from Fundamentals to you for FREE! In this module lesson you will learn about the history of packaging, the importance of packaging, the role of packaging and the different facets of the packaging industry. Taking this module also introduces you to the E-Learning platform - how easy it is take a course online! And how easy it is to grow professionally!
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Questions? Contact Jim George, Director of Education, IoPP, at jimg@iopp.org


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