AmeriStar Package Awards Competition

Game on!
Does your package have what it takes to win IoPP's AmeriStar Best of Show Award in 2016 like PepsiCo/Selig Group's Drinkfinity package did in 2015?

AmeriStar honors the top packages of the year judged in multiple categories. Enter the best package you and your team developed within the past year and be recognized for changing the face of packaging! LIVE judging will occur at the end of April 2016, ensuring your packages are being evaluated and analyzed objectively without bias.

(Entry deadline EXTENDED: March 25, 2016)

Non-Members: $799/per entry
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IoPP Affiliates: $799/per entry
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IoPP Elite Members: $600/per entry
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IoPP Premium Members: $680/per entry
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IoPP Regular Members: $760 per entry
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The AmeriStar Package Awards Competition includes:

  • AmeriStar Award. The AmeriStar Award honors those packaging professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the packaging community, recognizing their foresight and innovative spirit.
  • Best of Show. The Best of Show Award honors the package that surpassed all judging criteria and was unanimously selected by the judges to be outstanding in every category.
  • Sustainable Packaging Award. In recognition of the package that judges scored the highest when considering how packaging can be developed to reduce the impact on the environment. This includes efficient energy usage, recycling efforts, effective use of packaging materials, recover or eco-friendly raw materials.
  • Design Excellence Award. This award honors the package that exhibits a shining example in which structure and graphic design integrate to create a compelling package. Judges considered factors such as design benefits that could include enhanced product findability on shelf, improved package functionality that entices consumers to think about a product or product category in a new way, improved product presentation in-store, and others.


  • Winning packages on display at PACK EXPO
  • Winner trophies for show at your company
  • Trade press recognition - print and online
  • Recognition on IoPP.org
  • World Packaging Organisation (WPO) WorldStar Competition eligibility
  • Social Media channel recognition - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Important Dates:

  • Entry Deadline EXTENDED: 03/25/16
  • Packages arrive at IoPP HQ for judging: 03/30/16
  • Onsite, live Judging of Packages: 04/21/16
  • Winner notification: Late April/Early May 2016
  • Virtual Presentation: Late May/Early June 2016

For questions regarding your AmeriStar entry, please contact +1 847-686-2329 or info@iopp.org.


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