IoPP Licenses Online Fundamentals of Packaging Technology Course to Kenya Region

Corporate sponsors to provide support; IPACK-IMA Spa among first to contribute

The Institute of Packaging Professionals-U.S. has signed an agreement with the Institute of Packaging Professionals-Kenya to license its new Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course and make the comprehensive packaging training program available to IoPP members in Kenya, and other countries in the region.

Program funding will begin immediately and will be provided by corporate sponsors to offset costs for participating Kenyan students. Among the first sponsors to contribute will be IPACK-IMA Spa. This funding will cover the program costs for the first 10 student enrollments.

“We are proud to participate in this vital program,” says Guido Corbella, CEO of IPACK-IMA Spa. “By helping to educate the next generation of packaging professionals, IPACK-IMA is honored to support those who will be extending their expertise through the development of advanced packaging technologies that will ensure regional food is kept healthy, safe and plentiful.”

Fundamentals of Packaging Technology training in Kenya will begin immediately, with the first class of Kenyan students already starting this program: 6 men and 4 women who will participate in all the online modules until they reach Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) status.

“This is an important development for IoPP, and the packaging industry, as our online training course now makes it possible for us to bring much-needed packaging training to nations where packaging, as an industry, is still in its infancy,” says Patrick Farrey, IoPP Executive Director. “While IoPP-U.S. is offering this training at a very low cost, it is still considered expensive by Kenya standards.”

Farrey adds, “We are grateful for the sponsor support because it will enable IoPP to help get the Kenyan packaging community up-to-speed on packaging dynamics, when it otherwise may not have been possible. As those who work in packaging in Kenya and other nations expand on their packaging knowledge and implement it in their companies, new opportunities will eventually open up for the global packaging industry.”

Joseph Nyongesa, IoPP-Kenya President, says the intent is to market the program first in Kenya and eventually roll it out to neighboring countries.

“Packaging has been identified as one of the priority areas that need to be addressed in order to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs in Kenya and Africa in general,” says Nyongesa. “Inadequate packaging leads to considerable waste in the agricultural supply chain, compounding the major problem of food insecurity. Packaging will become the ambassador of the country’s products because it will be seen before the product and the country. The collaboration with IoPP-U.S. will provide the necessary knowledge framework on packaging to reach the country’s vision.’’

IoPP-Kenya will offer online packaging education to its local members using IoPP’s existing e-learning platform. The online course, available at www.iopp.org/elearning, consists of 41 downloadable, prerecorded modules and 27 hours of learning on all the major areas of packaging. The online course can lead to the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation through the Institute.

Additional program support is also coming from the Staples Foundation. Companies interested in supporting the sponsorship program should inquire at info@iopp.org.

IPACK-IMA Spa organizes exhibitions for the processing and packaging technology industries. Its biggest asset is the historical exhibition IPACK-IMA, which has become a reference for all field operators and plays a crucial role in the development of packaging and processing systems in Italy. Learn more about IPACK-IMA Spa at www.ipackima.it and www.ipack-ima.com.


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