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Each member benefit below is focused on ways to help you get what you need from IoPP--to learn more about packaging, to get noticed by industry leaders and peers, and to raise your stature as a packaging professional.

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Bi-weekly IoPP Update
(Affiliate, Regular, Premium, Elite)
Information about current IoPP events and programs is e-mailed to all members on a bi-weekly basis. 

IoPP Spotlight
(Regular, Premium, Elite)
Market-specific news, tips, trends, insights and updates. Vertical industry content customized for and emailed directly to IoPP members.

Member Concierge Service
(Elite Members only)
Get connected to IoPP right away with your own personalized service and exclusive offerings for those at the highest level of membership.

IoPP VIP Lounge Access
(Elite Members only)
Gain access to IoPP's exclusive packaging trade show lounges. Do business, meet with clients and colleagues in the comfort of a private lounge. Find respite during busy trade shows to catch up or catch your breath. For Elite Members only!

Packaging Forecast Conference
(Elite Member Invite; Premium Member Invite with cost)
Join your Elite or Premium Members at a one-day conference (date to be determined) dedicated to future packaging trends. This conference will be led by a well-known and respected futurist with a focus on packaging.  

Directory Profile Listings
(Affiliate, Regular, Premium, Elite)
IoPP showcases all members online and in print! The online directory updates in real time and the Who's Who in Packaging is published annually. Premium and Elite member listings are ENHANCED with more information that stands-out! The Who's Who is mailed directly to Regular, Premium and Elite members.

Certification Program
(Premium, Elite)
Premium and Elite are eligible for IoPP's accredited Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) program. The most recent IoPP salary survey revealed that CPPs earn between 7% and 10% more than their non-certified co-workers! Candidates achieve the CPP designation by demonstrating significant industry expertise and experience, measured through a flexible applicant testing process. 

(Regular, Premium, Elite)
Scheduled regularly throughout the year, IoPP's web-based seminars feature industry experts offering insights on up-to-the-minute packaging topics. Four standard webinars are available to Regular, Premium and Elite members. IoPP's premium webinar series of six present high-level topics available to Premium and Elite members only.

Course Discounts
(Regular, Premium, Elite)
IoPP members get discounted costs to take courses through the Institute, including Fundamentals of Packaging Technology (online or in-person) and Packaging Machinery: Basics. The higher level your membership, the bigger the discount - up to 20% off on all courses!

AmeriStar Entry Discounts
(Premium, Elite)
IoPP's AmeriStar Package Awards Competition is considered North America's most prestigious packaging awards competition. This competition allows maximum exposure to the winning packages, including website publication, trade press exposure, exposure at EastPack, TexasPack, MinnPack, WestPack and SouthPack. Entry discounts are available up to 20%. 

Bookstore Discounts
(Premium, Elite)
IoPP's online bookstore provides the best and most extensive compendium of titles on packaging technology, standards and regulations in existence. It features both IoPP Press books and pertinent publications from a variety of publishers. Member discounts on IoPP publications are as high as 20%. 

Annual Salary Survey
(Premium, Elite)
As the definitive salary survey in the packaging business, IoPP's annual survey has grown with a greater focus on career trends in packaging as opposed to just reporting numbers. The survey addresses how today's economy impacts packaging careers and how packaging professionals view their own jobs; if they've evolved (or not) during the the previous year; if they feel secure in their position; and if they're moving upward or backward. The report is annualized and reported each year in a major packaging trade journal. The full report is distributed to Premium and Eliet members.

Career Center
(Premium, Elite)
Look for packaging jobs, post resumes, look for candidates to fill positions. IoPP's Career Center covers the gamut of packaging jobs. Listings are at an all time high and are arranged to help professionals find their best fit. This resource includes packaging jobs in design, engineering, marketing and sales, and more.
Committee/Chapter Participation
(Regular, Premium, Elite)
Getting involved in IoPP on the Committee or Chapter level will get you noticed - FAST. This is the best way to network with your peers as well as with the leaders in the packaging community. Participation allows you to share your ideas, develop lifelong connections and move your way up.

IoPP Mentor Match

Connect with IoPP members for one-on-one IoPP focused mentorship!

For more details, visit our  FAQs or Mentor Match Community.


Training Opportunities in 2023

Fund of Packaging Technology
Apr 24-28 & May 15-19
Sep 18-22 & Oct 9-13
Packaging Machinery: Basics
Oct 2-4
e-Learning available 24/7


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