Corporate Sponsor PLUS Program

Corporate Sponsor Plus companies support and help in the development of IoPP educational programs.

Become an IoPP Corporate Sponsor Plus company

or contact Michael Greskiewicz at +1 (847) 686-2336, or michaelg@iopp.org


As an Corporate Sponsor PLUS company, you get:

 Four individual Premium memberships
       (See Regular membership benefits)

Use the IoPP member list twice per year for promotional email blasts or customized direct mail pieces

 Additional individual Premium memberships for $175 each


 Retain ownership and transfer individual memberships as necessary


All corporate members listed in the IoPP online membership directory


 Use the IoPP Corporate Sponsor logo your website, business cards and correspondence


 Half-page ad in the IoPP Salary Survey


 Link to your company website from the Corporate Sponsor and Industry Links sections of the IoPP website


 10 percent discount for all national IoPP events, including:




Packaging Awards Contest
Entry Deadline: March 9

Enter AmeriStar 2018 today! IoPP members get up to 25% off.

See student competition information.

IoPP Education

Need training? Fundamentals of Packaging Technology is for you!
Next classes: March 19-23
Get up to speed on machinery with Packaging Machinery: Basics 
Next class: April 2-4

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