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August 24, 2015

Packaging case study: Digital printing produces elegant syrup labels
UV ink-jet printed labels for a line of Canadian maple syrup elevate the brand, presenting it as a fine food product.

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Additional reading—Portion-control food packaging offers sustainability benefits
When it comes to portion control, a little more packaging may be better than a little less, according to AMERIPEN, an industry association that researches and offers guidance on packaging sustainability. This is especially true when looking at the bigger picture of overall food waste.

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Additional reading—What’s next for food packaging in vending machines
Vending machines are about to undergo a revolution with new (healthy and fresh) hot and cold food offerings creating a completely new sales channel for food manufacturers. Consequently this development also requires a full rethinking of the packaging, says Anton Steeman, author of the Best in Packaging newsletter.

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Retrospective at 100: If the gabletop carton could speak …
The gabletop carton, a common packaging form in food and beverage products, turns 100 in 2015. Packaging consultant Sterling Anthony, CPP, in a whimsical Q&A, takes a look at what’s ahead for this venerable packaging form.

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