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 Spring 2018 MEETING INFO

The IoPP P&MDLC has been an IoPP Technical Committee since May 2005. The group had previously existed informally as the Electronic Artwork Task Force (EATF) since 1995. The group currently has approximately 50 members representing 23 member companies.

Mission of the P&MDLC

To openly review and discuss current and emerging non-proprietary information related to materials, equipment, technologies, regulatory compliance, quality control and environmentally responsible packaging and to use it to foster improvements in package labeling which will achieve the highest quality standards.


The Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Labeling Committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals is organized to communicate package label design and development and related issues of the pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic Plan

The objectives of the Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Labeling Committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals will be achieved through the following:


  • through the Committee meetings with participation within the question and answer session, round table discussions, and technical and organizational presentations.
  • through the presentation of educational seminars to industry and educational institutes.
  • through the technical presentations and plant tours of the corresponding host and host companies.


The Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Labeling Committee of The Institute of Packaging Professionals is organized to study labeling issues related to pharmaceuticals packaging operations and related problems of the drug and pharmaceutical industry. Its object is to study the technical advances as well as Regulatory issues in labeling facing its membership. The information solicited by the Committee at the meetings will be restricted to the scientific and technical aspect of pharmaceutical labeling.

Membership Fees

The P&MDLC committee does not require any membership fees or dues for participation.

Any questions concerning membership, please contact Julie Smith, Corresponding Secretary, at the following e-mail address: julie.k.smith@abbvie.com



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