Membership Options FAQ

What are the new IoPP membership tiers?

  • Individuals can now join IoPP as either an Affiliates, a Regular Member, a Premium Member or an Elite Members. Student and Retired memberships are also available for those that qualify.
  • Companies can now support IoPP as either a Corporate Sponsor, a Corporate Sponsor Plus, a Benefactor or a Platinum Benefactor.

Why the change?

  • Consumers want choices! No one knows this better than packaging people. Yet for the past seventy-four years, IoPP membership came in only “one size.” Now members can choose the “size” that is best suited for them and for their personal career path.
What are the differences between each option?
  • Each membership tier was thoughtfully developed for people at various points in their professional development. IoPP remains deeply committed to offering tools to help packaging people succeed. But those needs change over time. A twenty-year industry veteran needs (expects!) a different IoPP experience than someone fresh out of a packaging school. Now we will be better able to service both, and everyone in between.

What happens to my current IoPP membership status?

  • Absolutely nothing. All Regular members of IoPP can choose to continue their memberships at $189 per year.

How can I upgrade my membership?

  • Simple. As a current IoPP member, you can upgrade to Premium Membership by simply renewing your Regular Membership before November 30, 2013. Your next twelve months of membership plus all months remaining on your current membership will be automatically upgraded to Premium status at no additional cost. You’ll receive the additional benefits of Premium status at Regular Member rate. 

What is an IoPP Affiliate?

  • IoPP has had an active social media presence. We have five times more people engaged with us through social media than we have as Regular members. Affiliate is a no cost way for these folks to get a peek inside the IoPP and better evaluate the products and services we offer.
I am a  <Certified Packaging Professional>  <Honorary Life>  <Retired>  member. How does this program affect me?
  • Over the next few weeks we will be sending each of our stakeholder groups more details about the impact and opportunities available specifically for them.

How can I learn more?

  • Click Here to learn more about individual member options.
  • Click Here to learn more about corporate program options.

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