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All 5 modules and 7 hours of content, plus a free bonus module that applies the principles covered in the course. The bonus module is not sold separately.
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Module 1—Mastering Packaging Convergence (89 minutes)
Packaging no longer is just about packaging. It is about business and serving the customer in a relentlessly unpredictable environment. The packaging industry has been fundamentally changed by five driving forces: shrinking product lifecycles, mass customization, sustainability, global movement of goods and pervasive pressure to reduce costs. Companies that do not adapt to these forces run the risk of becoming irrelevant. Consequently, packaging professionals must sharpen their competencies to think strategically first. This module will empower you to understand and interpret business challenges and align your functional skills with the needs of an ever-changing marketplace.   
Standard price: $425. Elite Member: $340. Premium Member: $382. Regular Member: $404.

Module 2—Mastering Supply Chains (97 minutes)
The supply chain is the blood flow of the economy, and packaging is its biological tissue. In a complex web of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers, problems are no longer linear. They are cross-functional, curvilinear and cross-company. From package design to sales, manufacturing to customer service and finance to strategy, virtually everyone affects the finished product before it reaches the customer. Package design affects every supply chain, from inception to final delivery. In this module, you will clearly understand supply chains and how design robust packaging systems. You will learn to protect against piracy, counterfeiting and tampering, while ensuring the safety and security of your products. 
Standard price: $425. Elite Member: $340. Premium Member: $382. Regular Member: $404.
Module 3—Mastering Your Customer’s World (68 minutes)
This module also could be called “How to Make Your Designs and Contributions Count.” In this section, you will learn how to segment your markets, understand your customers, isolate your competition and fiercely align your design value to serve your customers. You will master the questions to ask in order to build collaborative innovation. Lastly, you will learn how to build The Customer Circle of Excellence that systematically builds loyalty. 
Standard price: $350. Elite Member: $280. Premium Member: $315. Regular Member: $332.
Module 4—Mastering Your Internal Value Chain (68 minutes)
Packaging can run the risk of becoming a business orphan in a company because of the dislocation it can suffer with other departments and with the business itself. In this section, you will learn the internal functions of a company, the integrated cross-functions of a company, the metrics that drive performance and how packaging can align and contribute to all of the above. You will specifically learn how to build operational reciprocity and functional teamwork. Further, you will learn to ask how other functions can contribute to packaging. 
Standard price: $350. Elite Member: $280. Premium Member: $315. Regular Member: $332.
Module 5—Mastering Sustainability (84 minutes)
In this module, you will master the analytical framework for understanding sustainability. Next, you will learn specific techniques for addressing sustainability’s six core practices. Then, you will learn to isolate the organizational challenges and operational conflicts, and to navigate viable courses of action. Further, you will learn to construct and deconstruct any sustainability scorecard and to organize company support for launching a successful sustainability initiative.
Standard price: $425. Elite Member: $340. Premium Member: $382. Regular Member: $404.

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