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Analysis of key packaging issues written by IoPP members and published every other month in Packaging World magazine.


In-process Package Testing for the Manufacturing Process
Sarah Rosenblum; Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, Packaging Compliance Labs
Published May 2022

Finding Opportunity in the Project that Never Was
Judy Larkins, CPP, Director of Corporate Purchasing, Bumble Bee Foods
Published March 2022

Sustainability Success Must Address the Entire Storybook
Tom Seymour, CPP, Business Development Specialist, Bison Bag Company
Published January 2022


Effective Packaging in the Circular Economy: A Global View
Pierre Pienaar, CPP, President, World Packaging Organisation
Published November 2021

How One Packaging Engineer Solved Remote-work Obstacles
April Bonner, CPP, Packaging Engineer II, Smith & Nephew
Published September 2021

Brand, Packaging, and Sustainability - Can We All Get Along?
Jennifer Leonardson, Founder, Oxyjen Design & Principal, The Sourced Collective
Published July 2021

Five Ways to Drive Design and Meet Sustainability Goals
Camille Chism, CPPL, Fellow, Principal, Indigo Packaging & Consulting
Published May 2021

Avoid the Sidelines—Invest in Yourself During Pandemic
Jane Chase, CPPL, Fellow, Executive Director, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Published March 2021

Onboarding—an Underrated Competitive Advantage
Christine Lebron, CPP, Global Packaging Innovation Team, McCormick & Company
Published January 2021


In a Covid-19 Rut? Three Ways to Keep Packaging Development Moving
Mike Ross, CPP, Senior Packaging Manager-Global,  Unilever Food Solutions, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Published November 2020

Road to a Successful Package (Read Rebecca's additional thoughts on a longer version of the article)
Rebecca Lane Oesterle, CPPL, 2020 Chair of the IoPP Board of Directors
Published September 2020

COVID-19 Might Forever Change the Service Provider/End-User Relationship
Brian Stepowany, Senior Manager, Packaging Research & Development, B&G Foods
Published July 2020

Why Color Management is Important in Packaging (Read Sanel's additional thoughts on a longer version of the article)
Barry Sanel, Senior Graphics Services Manager, Diageo
Published May 2020

Packaging's Evolving Functions Promote Innovative Technology
Rosamari Feliu, Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations, Ultimate Solutions Corp.
Published March 2020

Two Key Questions as Packaging Spending Grows
Jim George, Director of Education, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Published January 2020


Five Fundamentals for Navigating Sustainability
Mike Ross, CPP, Senior Packaging Manager, Food Solutions Global, Unilever R&D, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Published November 2019

Addressing the Engineer Shortage: Help Introduce Packaging Careers to Young People
Dawn Burcham, CPP, PPM Packaging Lead, GE Lighting
Published September 2019

The case for degradability's place alongside the three Rs
Lawrence Dull, CPP, Fellow, President, Packaging Technology Associates Inc.
Published July 2019

Opportunities for growth based on flexible packaging trends
Tom Seymour, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, Maco Pkg
Published May 2019

Five ways to up your project management game
Jennifer Biewer, PMP, CPP, Project Manager, Byram Healthcare 
Published March 2019

Steps to optimize new pouch projects
Christopher Ritz, CPP, independent packaging designer and broker at Planet R Creative Services
Published January 2019


The importance of rightsizing your package
Brian Stepowany, CPP, Senior Manager, Packaging R&D, B&G Foods
Published November 2018

Think globally, act locally from a packaging perspective
Mike Ross, CPP, Senior Packaging Manager, Hair Europe, Unilever
Published September 2018


Networking and EI skills round out your ‘total package’ 
Rob Olszewski, CPP, Senior Packaging Engineer II, Land O’ Lakes
Published July 2018

Packaging’s role in reducing food waste
Pierre Pienaar, CPP, President, World Packaging Organisation
Published May 2018

Club stores claim environmental responsibility while shifting burden
Millie Simkins, CPP, Packaging Engineer, Barilla America Inc.
Published March 2018

Sustainable packaging and the Roman Arch
Dawn Burcham, CPP, PPM Packaging Lead, GE Lighting
Published January 2018


Making connections: We expect it of our packaging, we should expect it of ourselves
Jane Chase, Executive Director, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Published November 2017

Don’t touch that (stretchwrap) dial!
Michele Bauer, CPP, Senior Quality Engineer, Abbott Nutrition
Published September 2017

Value packaging: create, maintain, and deliver
Hrishikesh Munj, Senior Engineer, Dow Chemical Co.
Published July 2017

A trio of topics trending in packaging
Jim George, Director of Education, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Published May 2017

Closing the loop: an EU action plan for the circular economy
Marina Marin, CPP, Packaging Engineer, illycaffé
Published March 2017

Listen, learn and be the link: you’re in the driver’s seat to see the big picture
Dawn Burcham, CPP, CPLT, Global Commodity Leader and Packaging Engineer Lead, GE Lighting and Current by GE
Published January 2017


Project leadership from a packaging perspective
Mike Ross, CPP; Technical Project Leader—Sunsilk, Global Hair; Unilever
Published November 2016

New trends in shipping and transportation: what you need to consider
Brian Stepowany, CPP, Fellow, packaging R&D, B&G Foods
Published September 2016

Time to rethink strategy for customized e-commerce packaging?
Jim George, Director of Education, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Published July 2016

Package development from the eyes of a packaging engineer
James Macnamara Jr., CPP, Principal Engineer–Cheese Production, Processing at Leprino Foods
Published May 2016

Crowdsourcing for modern day packaging innovation
Sriman Banerjee, CPP, Head of Packaging—Respiratory Category, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Published March 2016

Regulated environment: Process validation in the medical device industry
Linnette Torres Puig, Quality Director, Edwards Lifesciences
Published January 2016


My 3Ps of pacakging with a veteran's advice: Be ready to pivot and accept change
Dawn Burcham, PPM Packaging Lead, GE Lighting
Published November 2015

HM-251--It's not just for crude oil anymore
Wendy Buckley, President and Founder, Specialty Transportation
Published September 2015

Packaging--the path to consumer delight
Kaylor Hildenbrand, Principal Consultant, PARK Reseach Partners
Publisher, PackagingSPEAK(.com)
Published July 2015

Designing cost-effective packaging strategies
Pierre Pienaar, CPP, Education Director, Australian Institute of Packaging
Published May 2015

Wish I had known earlier: vacuum packaging’s versatility
Glenn Whiteside, CPP, MSIE
Packaging/Manufacturing Engineer, Sterile Pack Department, DePuy Synthes USA
Published March 2015

Achieving global standardization of package structures
Steve Gibson, Senior Manager of Global Beverage Packaging R&D, PepsiCo
Published January 2015


Broader skill sets: the new face of the packaging professional?
Jim George, IoPP Director of Education
Published November 2014

Is it time for a socratic examination of packaging?
Dan Balan, President, Fastraqq Inc.
Creator of Packaging360 Leadership Course
Published September 2014

Crucial things you may be overlooking in expanding your brand globally
Mike Ross, CPP, Senior Packaging Manager, Unilever UK
Published July 2014

A fresh approach to packaging education
Panos Kinigakis, CPP, Senior Research Fellow, Global Packaging Research, Mondel’z International
Published March 2014

Don’t be a ‘Dim’ wit, know your GAD
Robert Meisner, CPP, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Stout
Executive Vice President--Education, IoPP Board of Directors
Published January 2014


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