Fundamentals of Plastics Packaging online training courses offered through SPE and IoPP partnership

June 5, 2018

SPE has licensed 19 modules—roughly half—of the Institute of Packaging Professionals’ (IoPP’s) Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course. The three-year license provides online training to plastics professionals through a private, co-branded online portal managed by IoPP.

Using the customized course catalog available through the portal, plastics professionals can get a comprehensive education in plastics packaging. The online training covers various polymers and polymer properties, plus related printing and polymer-molding technologies, along with content on plastic design parameters and how they can be optimized to best protect products through their distribution environment—all of which directly impact the work of plastics professionals.

“SPE supports plastics professionals at every stage of their careers,” says SPE CEO Patrick Farrey.  “These courses will help people expand their plastics knowledge base and gain the skills needed to launch or advance their careers.”

“IoPP’s mission has consistently been to provide educational opportunities that assist professionals in the packaging industry grow their careers. We’re excited to be able to share our world-class packaging education programs with organizations representing extended segments of the broader packaging industry, like SPE” Jane Chase, Executive Director of IoPP states.

Jim George, IoPP Director of Education, echoes these sentiments: “Our goal is to help people grow their packaging careers so that as they become more highly trained plastics professionals, they can in turn make better decisions that grow brands and help their company’s bottom line.”  

To date, thousands of professionals from companies in approximately 50 countries have taken the Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course. The self-directed lessons in SPE’s customized course catalog cover every major area of plastics packaging and are available to all interested plastics professionals.

For more information on the courses being offered or to register please visit www.4spe.org/fundamentals.

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84 countries and 22,500+ members strong, we unite plastics professionals worldwide—helping them succeed and strengthening their skills through networking, events, training, and knowledge-sharing.

No matter where you work in the plastics industry value chain—whether you're a scientist, engineer, technical personnel or a senior executive—nor what your background is, education, gender, culture or age—we are here to serve you. For more information, please go to www.4spe.org.


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Training Opportunities in 2022

Fund of Packaging Technology
Sep 19-23, Oct 10-14
Packaging Machinery: Basics
Oct 3-5
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