Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria


In general, a member must meet the following: 

  • Be a member, in good standing, of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (preferably corporate representative).
  • Be closely affiliated with the packaging operations for prescription pharmaceutical drugs and/or drugs which are supported by a New Drug Application (NDA) filing by the company. This suggests Packaging Development, Packaging Research, Package Engineering, Package Design or any group involved with the job of creating and/or evaluating new concepts to improve package techniques and package forms of the drug or pharmaceutical company the member represents. An organization chart must be provided with application for membership that demonstrates the individual's job function and overall status within their company. 
  • Be well informed about packages and the package operations of their company so that they are able to discuss subjects and contribute at Committee meetings. 
  • Be recognized by their company as The Institute of Packaging Professionals member or alternate to the Committee. The individual applying for membership must obtain their immediate supervisor's signature on the membership application to prove management recognition and support of the individual land company commitment. 
  • Be willing and interested in accepting subcommittee assignments or Committee office. 
  • Be prepared to establish a new membership for your company if retirement, resignation, promotion, a transfer in duties within the firm, company mergers or any happening which prevents the member (or alternate) from carrying out the responsibilities or meeting the requirements of a Committee member. The new member would be established according to the provisions of Article IV (see Rules and Regulations). Since membership is tied to companies and not individuals, a member relinquishes his/her membership upon termination of their employment with a member company. If the individual is leaving the current member company to go to a non-member company that meets all of the qualifications for membership, the individual must apply for membership under their new company. 
  • Be aware of the Committee's identification as a technical committee appointed as a support interest to The Institute of Packaging Professionals. 
  • Be as generous in sharing ideas and creating projects as eliciting answers or solutions to problems. 
  • The member is expected to attend all meetings. If it becomes impossible for a member to attend, the designated alternate should take his/her place. If a company is not represented by the bona fide Committee member at two consecutive meetings, the Committee secretary shall advise such member that failure to attend the next regular meeting and justify their absences will  result in loss of membership on the Committee. If a  company is not represented by a member or alternate  at two consecutive meetings, the secretary shall notify  both member and alternate that failure to attend the next regular meeting and justify their absences will result in  loss of membership to them as well as their company. Only a member or an alternate can attend each meetingexcept by permission of the secretary.

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