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Packaging News TV at IoPP's first UK event
In late May, IoPP announced its UK division at a launch event held at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in west London. The organization’s UK branch is led by packaging consultant Kevin Vyse with the goal to expand IoPP on a global level. Attendees at the inaugural event heard presentations from Marcel Knobil, the founder of Superbrands, and Tom Heap, the environmental journalist who presents BBC Radio 4′s Costing the Earth. Packaging News (PN) TV was granted exclusive access to film the event and PN brand director Josh Brooks spoke to Vyse and IoPP executive director Patrick Farrey about IoPP UK's global initiatives for the Institute. 
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E-Learning gathering steam in packaging training
In Packaging World's latest IoPP Professional Perspective column, Jim George, Director of Education, IoPP, discusses the many advantages of online learning - particularly within the packaging community. With technology advancing, it is becoming possible to build platforms for open learning. It’s not hard to envision arriving at a point sooner rather than later when we can build an online exchange of ideas between attendees of multiple but interrelated online courses. The idea is that an attendee is buying not only the course, but the platform behind it. No matter which door you enter into the platform, you can have access to everyone in your “class.” 
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Next IoPP webinar focused on thermoformed container recyclability
Retailers are taking a careful look at thermoformed PET container recyclability. The issue is that when attempting to reclaim the PET from many of these thermoforms, the residue from the labels and adhesives tends to contaminate the waste stream. This negatively impacts recycled PET by creating next-generation resin with yellowing and/or haze characteristics. Retailer pressure has resulted in the creation of a protocol defining the parameters and thermoform quantities needed to conduct testing, with the objective of assuring the label is removable, or will float or disintegrate, and that the adhesive will dissolve in the caustic wash process. Join IoPP and the Contract Packaging Association for Making Thermoformed Containers Recycling Compliant, an engaging, co-branded webinar--taking place July 26 online from 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. CST--that will help you integrate and specify materials to meet the requirements, with insights on testing protocols and determining acceptable results.
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Corporate licensing now available for online Fundamentals training
Today’s packaging teams often are decentralized and work globally, making a common understanding of general packaging technologies critical to each team’s success. IoPP’s newly introduced online version of its Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course makes this shared understanding possible from wherever you are, with the added convenience of learning on your own time—while also keeping the budget in mind. Corporate licensing is now available at discount pricing for Fundamentals training for five or more users from the same company.  E-Learning: 42 modules. 25+ hours of training. And no traveling to take classes! For details about corporate licensing, contact Jim George, Director of Education, at jimg@iopp.org, or 630-696-4011.
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2012 WorldStar Student Awards open for entries!
The World Packaging Organisation's (WPO) WorldStar Student Awards is an international packaging design competition for students from countries around the world to develop projects in the field of packaging design.  Through publicity of WPO's global publications, student winners are provided the opportunity to gain professional acknowledgement and entrance into a career as a packaging professional. IoPP encourages all student members to participate in this worldwide competition. Entry deadline is October 19, 2012. 
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Upcoming events

July 10
Chicago Chapter 16th Annual Golf Outing, Wheeling, IL.
Click here for more information. Contact: Wil Benjamin, e-mail wbenjamin@valspar.com.

July 13
Steel City Chapter Golf Outing and BBQ, Gibsonia, PA.
Click here for more information. Contact: Eric Falls, e-mail eric.falls@hjheinz.com.

July 16
Minnesota Chapter Golf Tournament, Ham Lake, MN.
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July 23-25
Fundamentals of Packaging Technology Semester 3, Schaumburg, IL.
Click here for more information. Contact: Barbara Dykes, e-mail bdykes@iopp.org.

July 24
Central Ohio Chapter Night at the Ballpark - Columbus Clippers vs. Toledo Mud Hens, Columbus, OH.
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July 25-27
Fundamentals of Packaging Technology Semester 4, Schaumburg, IL.
Click here for more information. Contact: Barbara Dykes, e-mail bdykes@iopp.org.

July 26
IoPP Webinar: Making Thermoformed Containers Recycling Compliant, online.
Click here for details. Contact: Jim George, e-mail jgeorge@iopp.org.

August 7
Wisconsin Chapter 4th Annual Summer Social Happy Hour and Brewers Game, Milwaukee, WI.
Click here for more information. Contact: Jeff Corbat, e-mail jcorbat@yahoo.com.

August 24
Cleveland Chapter 1st Annual Golf Outing, Walton Hills, OH.
Click here for more information. Contact: IoPPCleveland@ymail.com.

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