IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship Fund

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and IoPP Platinum Benefactor PepsiCo R&D are pleased to announce an expansion in the Institute's Scholarship Fund program by offering a $5,000 PepsiCo R&D Scholarship.
PepsiCo R&D Scholarship Fund
The PepsiCo R&D Scholarship will be awarded to the top packaging student scholarship fund applicant. PepsiCo's contribution signifies a commitment to the packaging industry, focused on educational development leading to the professional success of students and their packaging careers.
IoPP's Growing Educational Support
IoPP will also continue to to offer four additional $2,500 academic scholarships for 2014-2015 to recognize exceptional college students headed for a career in packaging.
Don't pass this up!
Do you know any students pursuing a career in packaging that would benefit from this excellent opportunity? Lend a hand and let them know about this program! The scholarships have been created to support packaging education and to raise awareness of packaging as a career choice.
How to apply:

Download application here.

Send completed application to:
Packaging Education Scholarship Fund 
c/o Institute of Packaging Professionals 
1833 Centre Point Circle, Suite 123 
Naperville IL 60563.
IMPORTANT: All supporting application materials must be completed and postmarked no later than April 4, 2014. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Winners will be recognized at an IoPP-hosted special event dinner in late spring. As an added bonus, the top talent identified through this program will be shared with IoPP Benefactor companies as a recruiting tool for their organizations. This could be that post-graduation foot in the door that jump-starts your career!
Supported by:
The scholarships have been created to support packaging education and to raise awareness of packaging as a career choice. The scholarships are funded by founding supporters, including the IoPP Chemical Packaging Committee as well as the Cascade, Central Ohio, Cincinnati, Chicago, Minnesota, Missouri-Gateway, and Tejas IoPP chapters, PepsiCo R&D and IoPP benefactor companies.
Candidates must be students in their Junior or Senior during the scholarship timeframe (this year it would be 2014), pursuing a degree at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school in a course of study relevant to a career in the packaging industry.
Past winners:


Contact Sarah Washburn at (630) 544-5050 x116 or swashburn@iopp.org.