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Guide To Packaging Law-2nd Edition

Law for non-lawyers!

Over 40 new glossary entries!

The best way to get familiar with key legal concepts that affect your business!

This essential reference on packaging law for managers focuses exclusively on packaging and delivers information in a way that packaging professionals can easily understand.  Organized around a glossary of legal and regulatory terms, the book also contains handy resources like lists of relevant laws, government bodies and trade organizations.

This new Second Edition is expanded and updated from the First Edition.  It contains over 40 new glossary entries and updated information throughout.   Content ranges from FDA, USDA, FTC, and EPA concepts, to labeling and structural issues such as bioterror, product security  and environmental packaging, to materials issues, litigation, international concepts and intellectual property issues.

Eric F. Greenberg, internationally recognized leader in Food and Drug Law and a packaging law columnist, authored the book and utilizes his expertise to give non-lawyers a concise guide to the legal issues they face in their packaging-related issues.

It is the essential reference for non-lawyers whose jobs include responsibilities for the legal issues that surround packaging.

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