If you're a packaging professional with less than six years of academic and/or work experience, our CPIT program is designed just for you!


Certification details

  • CPIT Phase 1: $75
  • Retesting Exam (if needed): $50

Our CPIT and CPP designations are designed to align with our Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, Sixth Edition.
This edition includes new content and questions not part of the fifth edition, so it is important to use the sixth edition when studying for the exam.

Note: While IoPP may recognize tests from other organizations or educational institutions for the qualification process, we don't guarantee their adherence to our textbook. In all cases of dispute, our required text remains the decisive reference.

The path to earning your CPIT designation involves a comprehensive examination process.
Up first:
  • Multiple choice exam
    - Essential First Step: This 150-question test covers packaging machinery, materials, and technology.
    - Format: It's an open book, online test.
    - Passing Score: Achieve 80% to pass.
Get certified


Is membership required?
Yes. To become becoming a CPIT, you need to be an active member. Continued active membership is required to maintain your CPIT status.
Can I do this online?
Yes! Our exam is designed for your convenience and can be taken online, whether you're at home or in the office.

You can start the multiple-choice exam at any time, but it must be finished within a continuous 48-hour window.

You're not limited to specific days, offering you the flexibility to choose when you're ready. Once you complete the exam, you'll receive immediate pass/fail feedback.
What happens after I register?
After registering for the CPIT exam, you'll get an email with detailed instructions, including a link to the exam site and your unique username and password.

When you log in, a 48-hour timer starts. You can navigate through the exam freely, skipping or flagging questions for later review.

If you need to log out or lose your internet connection, no worries! You can log back in and continue where you left off.

Reminder: The 48-hour clock keeps ticking from the moment you first log in, even if you log out. Make sure to complete your exam within this time frame!
How many years of experience do I need before applying for certification?
To apply for CPIT, you must have fewer than six years of professional experience in the packaging industry or another closely-related field.