Fundamentals of Packaging Technology-5th Edition

With new chapters and updates throughout, the Fifth Edition of Fundamentals of Packaging Technology is the industry’s most sought-after authority on packaging technology. Peer-reviewed and still containing extensive information from one of the field’s most highly esteemed lecturers, the book is a clear, concise guide to the basics of packaging technology. Detailed content, easy-to-read color illustrations and now a comprehensive answer key to the review questions for each chapter keep you current on today’s packaging technology.

The book is a key reference guide in many university-level courses and for continuing education seminars. It is the official text for IoPP’s Certified Packaging Professionals (CPP) Exam.

The Fifth Edition features new chapters on packaging law and packaging and the environment, as well as updated/expanded  information on: • Package design. • Cartons and board stocks. • Pharmaceutical packaging. • Package specifications and quality control. In addition: • New discussions on digital printing, supply chains, e-commerce, smart packaging, private label. • References to many websites for additional reading.

Approximately 700 pages. View the table of contents.

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