Packaging Notes from the Design Desk

This hardcover book is a quick and handy desk resource providing guidelines for structural packaging designers—information and notes that Brian Johnston has accumulated during his more than 20 years as an accomplished structural packaging designer. The author lives in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada and has helped clients capture multiple packaging and display awards over the years.

Rich with measurements, mathematical equations and illustrations, “Packaging Notes” provides insights for calculating basis weights of materials, cubic volumes and stacking strengths; shipping volumes for transport trucks and sea containers; design-thinking tips; box standards and their tolerances—and much more! The author also walks readers through retail guidelines and manufacturing tips. He focuses primarily on the corrugated side of packaging materials, with insights useful in a variety of consumer product segments.

“Packaging Notes” even includes a glossary of relevant terms, as well as a conversion table for metrics and decimals.

146 pages.

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