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This collection of webinars covers general topics relating to the packaging industry.  Access to the recorded webinars is available to Premium and Elite members only.
IoPP Health Insurance Information Session
June 2023

In this information session, learn more about the health insurance benefits offered to IoPP members through LIG Solutions

2019 Trends and Advances in Food Packaging and Processing (with PMMI Business Intelligence)
Donna Ritson | President | DDR Direct Response Communications, January 2020
21 Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Boost Your Packaging Line
John Henry | President |, October 2014
6 Ignored Packaging Cost-savings Opportunities [Premium Webinar]
Rob Kaszubowski, CPPL | Managing Director for Packaging Optimization | NTT Data Supply Chain Consulting, February 2024

Is your packaging team struggling to meet your cost-savings targets? If so, this webinar will help your packaging team hit those targets effectively.

9 Simple Steps to Turn Your Organization Into an Innovation Powerhouse
Scott Biondich | President | Packaging Innovation & Design, October 2015
A Boxing Match: How ASTM D4169 and ISTA 3A Try to Take Down Your Packaging [Premium Webinar]
Ryan Erickson | Vice President Packaging Engineer | Packaging Compliance Labs, September 2019
A Chain Reaction: Leveraging Packaging to Create Sustainability and Cost Reductions Throughout the Supply Chain
Tom Blanck | Principal and Practice Leader, Packaging Optimization Practice | Chainalytics, Inc., June 2012

Supply chain optimization know-how is critical for those who have responsibility for maximizing the value of packaging in the supply chain, as well as for anyone who qualifies, uses or manages contract packaging services.

A Contract Packaging Playbook to Winning E-Commerce
Matt Dingee | President | OnPoint 2020 Packaging Insights and Consulting Services, January 2018
A Spec-first Approach to Global Compliance and Cost Savings
Matthew Wright | CEO & Founder | Specright
Todd Farwell | Global Packaging Director | Cummins, March 2024

When facing global supply chain challenges, consumer demands, and ever-growing initiatives such as sustainability, companies are struggling to keep up and remain competitive. At the core of many challenges is a data problem. Siloed data sources, outdated information, and miscommunication are challenges preventing innovation and growth. Companies need a strong data foundation to tackle concerns, including compliance regulatory pressures and sustainability while optimizing costs. That starts with specification data. In this case study presentation, Matthew Wright, Founder & CEO of Specright,  shares how a spec-first approach to your master data strategy can enable your teams to tackle packaging challenges while addressing cost-optimization initiatives. Todd Farwell, Global Packaging Director at Cummins, shares the company’s specification management journey and how Cummins can tackle compliance and grow the bottom line.

Advanced Chemical Recycling for Polyolefins
Mike Ross, CPP | Global R&D Packaging & Sustainability Lead | Unilever Food Solutions, Wageningen, The Netherlands, May 2024
Annex 1 and USP 1207: Package Inspection Methods for Quality and Compliance
Oliver Stauffer | CEO | Packaging Technologies & Inspection, January 2024

This webinar focuses on the intricate relationship between USP 1207 and Annex 1 in the context of sterile medical product packaging. Published in 2017, USP 1207 revolutionized container closure integrity testing with its focus on deterministic methods. Fast forward to August 2023, and Annex 1 has become a pivotal regulatory mandate in sterile manufacturing, with specific implications for packaging professionals.

Applying Human Factors to Optimize the Usability of Packaging [Premium Webinar]
Stephen Wilcox | Principal and Founder | Design Science, February 2018
ASTM F1980 Revision – Humidity as a Use Condition During Accelerated Aging
Jordan Montgomery | Distinguished Packaging Engineer | Medtronic
Peter Thor | Sr. Material Scientist | Medtronic, March 2022

This presentation will cover background of the absolute humidity approach & field related recalls due to hydrolysis, a summary of testing & moisture absorption in polymers, and highlight some of the key revisions to the guidance in ASTM F1980.

ASTM Standards Update: Bio-based and Biodegradable Packaging [Premium Webinar]
Kelvin Okamoto | President | Green Bottom Line Inc., October 2023

Take your packaging game to the next level with this exclusive webinar that dives deep into the world of ASTM standards and bio-based packaging materials.  Savvy packaging professionals remain aware of bio-based packaging materials standards, especially around European testing not used in the U.S. Is your company using the right one? Find out what you need to know to stay ahead of the game and ensure your bio-based packaging materials meet the highest industry standards.

Augmented Reality for Packaging Professionals
Lindsay Boyajian | Global Marketing Manager | Augment, December 2015
Behind General Mills’ Commitment to a More Recyclable Future [Premium Webinar]
Frédéric Chapuis | Packaging Technology Leader | General Mills
David Chmura | R&D Senior Manager | General Mills
Patrick Keenan | R&D Principal Engineer | General Mills, December 2021

General Mills is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its packaging. This presentation will take you behind the scenes of that effort. The presentation includes a panel of General Mills packaging experts who share what they are doing to make the company a sustainability leader across the food industry. 

Best Practices for Using Contract Packagers
John Mazelin | Executive Director | Contract Packaging Association
Chris Nutley | President | Contract Packaging Association, January 2015
Best Practices in Supply Chain Engagement
Jay Edwards | Founder | Pack2Sustain, February 2013
Beverage Trends - Packaging Innovation Driving Change
Paula Feldman | Senior Director of PMMI Business Intelligence | PMMI
Donna Ritson | President | DDR Communications, July 2021

The beverage industry has been experiencing ongoing change in the last decade. From sustainability and material sourcing challenges, to the evolving tastes of more active and health-conscious consumers, beverage producers seek new strategies that increase output as a way to remain competitive. This report will provide insight to both manufacturers and suppliers into how they can better serve their customers in the beverage market.

Big-Picture Think for Smart Beverage Packaging
Jeremy Lagomarsino | VP Business Development & Strategy | Berlin Packaging
Scott Jost | VP Innovation & Design | Berlin Packaging, March 2015