IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship Fund

IoPP created the Packaging Education Scholarship Fund to support packaging education and raise awareness of packaging as a career choice. In addition to helping students pay for their educations, IoPP shares the talent identified through this program with its Benefactor companies as a recruiting tool for their organizations. Applications are accepted once a year.

PepsiCo R&D Scholarship
$5,000 - 1 available

IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship
$2,500 - 2 available
$1,000 - 1 available from the Central Ohio Chapter (New for 2020!)
$500 - 1 available from the IoPP New England Chapter

Contract Packaging Association Packaging Machinery Scholarship
$2,500 - 1 available

Candidates for the IoPP and PepsiCo Scholarships must be students in their Junior or Senior as of Fall 2021, pursuing a degree at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school in a course of study relevant to a career in the packaging industry within North America.

In order for your application to be considered, you must complete the online form.

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered and candidate MUST meet all eligibility requirements. 

Apply Now - Deadline is March 31, 2021

Scholarship Fund Supported by:
The scholarships have been created to support packaging education and to raise awareness of packaging as a career choice. The scholarships are funded by founding supporters:
  • IoPP chapters
  • R&D Companies
  • IoPP Benefactor Companies

Contact Barbara Dykes (571) 485-8739; e-mail: bdykes@iopp.org


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