Membership in the Council is open to any current professional member of the Institute of
Packaging Professionals who is a permanent consultant in the packaging (or a closely related)
field. Applicants must:

  1. Earn 70% or more of his/her annual income through consulting activities;
  2. Agree to abide by the Standards of Ethical Conduct
  3. Have the endorsement of a current member of the Council.

Members of the Council may not serve as an independent distributor or sales agent for any
machinery, material or container vendor related to the member’s field of consulting. Members
may also not have any form of ownership in such a packaging-supplier company.
There are two classifications of membership in the Council:

  1. PROFESSIONAL. Professional Members have two or more years experience as a packaging consultant.
  2. ASSOCIATE. Associate Members have less than two years experience as a packaging consultant.

Applicants for Associate Member status must also be able to provide:

  • Letters of recommendation from two current Council members, and;
  • Documentation of work on at least three separate consulting jobs/projects.

Annual membership dues for the IoPP Packaging Consultants Council are $150.00 per year.

Apply now for PCC membership.