IoPP Logo Usage Guidelines


Chapters and technical committees are permitted, even encouraged, to use the IoPP name and IoPP logo on their letters, fliers, advertisements, newsletters, and the like.

However, chapters and technical committees may not use the IoPP name or IoPP logo in their communications without making clear that the specific communication comes from the chapter or technical committee, and not from the national organization.

When written materials fail to make a clear distinction between the activities of a chapter or technical committee and those of the national organization, members and the public may become confused as to the source of sponsorship, funding and responsibility for events and materials.  That confusion is not in the best interest of IoPP or its members, and may result in negative legal or financial implications for the organization.

In order to avoid causing such confusion, chartered units must follow these guidelines whenever the IoPP name or IoPP logo is used:

  • always name the relevant chapter or technical committee immediately adjacent to the IoPP name or IoPP logo;
  • use type that is comparable in height to the IoPP name or IoPP logo as printed, and is easily legible;
  • in oral communications and on recorded messages (on telephone answering machines, for example), always be sure to identify the chartered unit by name whenever the name IoPP or Institute of Packaging Professionals is used.

Chapters and technical committees ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to allow third parties (other organizations or companies) to use the IoPP name or logo without the prior written authorization of the national office.  IoPP intends to rigorously enforce this provision, since such control assures the protection of the IoPP name and logo for all of us.

All chartered units are encouraged to review and comply with IoPP Bylaws, Article IX - USE OF INSTITUTE NAME, which reads:

Section 1: The name of the Institute shall not be used by any member, chapter, committee or other corporation or organization as an endorsement, stated or implied, for any product or technique whatsoever.

Section 2: The Institute is an individual membership organization and its name may not be used by any company, association or institution to state, imply or infer membership in the Institute, except as specified in Section 3 below.

Section 3: Corporate Sponsors may show "Corporate Sponsor" in conjunction with the Institute's logotype, name or initials on their letterhead. Promotional literature and advertising prepared by a Corporate Sponsor may also list this fact, provided that there is no implication of endorsement by the Institute of the company or its products.

Section 4: Use by members of the Institute's full name, its abbreviation (IoPP) or its logo (emblem) is encouraged, but permitted only under the following conditions:

A. Reproduced on business stationery and cards in association with the individual's name and in an acceptable form, e.g. "Member, Institute of Packaging Professionals," "Member, IoPP." The specific membership classification may also be used, e.g. "Professional Member," Fellow Member."

B. In a listing of accomplishments, employment and memberships.





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