CPP Requirements

IoPP Membership at the Premium or Elite is a requirement to participate in the CPP program. Once you have received your CPP, your membership must be renewed each year to maintain your CPP status.

Multiple-Choice Exam:
IoPP’s multiple-choice test is mandatory for every candidate entering the program. The test is comprised of 150 questions on packaging machinery, materials and technology. This is an “open book” test. An 80% correct score is considered passing.

For Multiple-Choice Exam guidelines, click here
Test is presented in an online, Internet-based format. 

Candidates demonstrate their command of applied packaging technology by successfully completing the MANDATORY Multiple-Choice Exam and ONE of the following options. You have 12 months from the date of your application to complete the program. 

Again, upon successful completion of the Multiple Choice exam, you must choose ONE of the following to earn your CPP.

1. Narrative Exam:
Alternatively, candidates may choose to answer three narrative, “essay-type” questions from a list of 10 such questions formulated by other Certified Packaging Professionals. The narrative questions are general in nature in order to permit and encourage appropriate responses drawn from each candidate’s own background, whether that is in consumer or industrial packaging, in engineering or design, in technical disciplines or management. Reference to various texts is encouraged. The answers are evaluated by a committee on a “pass/fail” basis. This exam is a timed test due within a 4 day window. The questions are emailed to the applicant.

For Narrative Exam instructions, click here

2. Resume of Activities:
Candidates may complete a detailed resume form (supplied by IoPP) to document their past six (6) years of experience and active participation in packaging and/or related disciplines with a work resume attached. A Resume Review Committee awards points for continuous employment; participation in IoPP or related technical societies’ affairs; presentations at conferences, seminars and meetings; publishing authored papers on appropriate technical and management topics; attending educational courses and industry exhibitions; teaching or lecturing; securing patents, and more. 

For updated Resume of Activity Guidelines, click here

For updated Resume of Activity form, click here.

For updated Resume of Activity CPE Information form, click here.

3. Writing a Paper:
A candidate may write a new paper or submit an unpublished paper written within the past two years on a technical or management topic of his or her choice. The paper will be graded anonymously, “pass/fail,” by three qualified peers. Submitted papers become the property of IoPP, and may be published on the IoPP website. Papers must be submitted electronically via e-mail.

Work submitted must be solely that of the candidate. No co-authored work is accepted.

Professional paper guidelines are available by clicking here. Candidates are encouraged to use published references in answering test questions and in writing papers.

For style guide for written papers, click here

For written paper candidate's submission form, click here

4. Patents:
The candidate may submit proof of a patent granted no more than five (5) years prior to their certification or recertification application.

For proof of patent requirements, click here

Co-inventor patents cannot be submitted as one of the two requirements.  If both the Resume of Activities and Patent options are chosen, the submitted patent cannot also be included in the Resume of Activity point total.  Co-inventor patents may be included on the Resume of Activities, with 1/2 the allowed point credit issued.

The CPP candidate can only apply for the Certification Application as a "Premium" level member.  The candidate must also satisfactorily complete the Multiple-Choice Exam and one other option in the order they desire, within twelve months from the date of application.  Any questions about these requirements should be directed to IoPP prior to applying for certification. 
Once you have earned your CPP, you must keep your IoPP membership dues current each year.