CPP Where and When?

Work can be done in the candidate’s home or office.

The Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) multiple choice exam is available online. Candidates can take the test over any 2-day (48 hour) period they wish. 

Candidates are not restricted to a specific weekend, but the exam must be completed within the same 2-day period. By taking the exam online, candidates receive immediate pass/fail
results at the end of the exam.

After registering for the CPP exam, candidates will receive e-mail instructions on how to proceed with the test. Instructions include a link to the exam site and a username and password for candidate to log into the exam.

After logging in, a timer begins counting down the 48 hours. Candidates can skip questions, or flag them to return to later. If a candidate logs out or the Internet connection fails, the candidate can simply log back in and pick up where he or she left off.

Once a candidate is logged in to the exam, the clock is ticking! Candidates must complete exam within 48 hours! The clock DOES NOT STOP even if candidate logs off the exam.

Questions? Contact
Barbara Dykes, IoPP Certification Program Manager, at 571-485-8739.

Or e-mail bdykes@iopp.org

If submitting a resume as one portion of the qualification procedure, candidates may submit resume either after they've completed the multiple choice test or at any later time within a year of the date of their original application. In all cases, IoPP assumes the work to be that of the candidate and of the candidate alone.