Student AmeriStar Package Awards Competition

The Student AmeriStar Package Awards Competition honors the most innovative packages developed by students enrolled in college, university or vocational/technical school programs (undergraduate or graduate). This program is an excellent way to get noticed by professionals in the business. 

Entry Deadline: March 31, 2019

See entry requirements and download the entry kit.

Student AmeriStar Awards

1st Place

2018 1st Place Winner
Wash-Pro Dissolvable Detergent Sheets
University of Wisconsin–Stout

Last year's 1st Place Student AmeriStar Award went to Wash-Pro Dissolvable Detergent Sheets from University of Wisconsin–Stout

These dry detergent sheets are a great alternative to the mess, bulk and weight of rigid laundry detergent bottles. The paperboard carton is designed to hang on the wall instead of being stored horizontally. A perforated tear-off section reveals a thin plastic film through which the sheets are gravity-fed, and another perforation on the back reveals a hang tab for the consumer. A thin film sheet in the opening where sheets are dispensed protects the exposed sheelts. This package would be filled horizontally on a manufacturing line, similar to how facial tissue is loaded into a carton.

2nd Place

2018 2nd Place Winner
Monster Bites
California Polytechnic State University

Last year's 2nd Place Student AmeriStar Award went to Monster Bites from California Polytechnic State University.

This package is a spill-proof children’s toy that doubles as a shareable candy dispenser. The design consists of three modular components: the hexagonal main package, the top cap and the bottom sleeve. The main package contains the candy and displays the main graphics. The inner container and outside wrap are made of paperboard. The top cap doubles as a sharing cup and reveals a new version of the monster when it’s removed. The bottom sleeve slides up and down to allow access to the opening of the candy dispenser. The package is reclosable and has adequate barrier properties to keep the candy fresh. It’s intuitive enough for its 5- to 13-year-old audience, and even has a create-your-own version that lets kids draw their own monster to display on the package.

3rd Place

2018 3rd Place Winner
Niu Coconut Oil
California Polytechnic State University

Last year's 3rd Place Student AmeriStar Award went to Niu Coconut Oil from California Polytechnic State University.

Niu addresses the problem of struggling to get the last of a food product out of a package. The extrusion blow-molded container is made of HDPE material and its round shape forces the coconut oil to collect in a way that makes it easy to scoop—and it resembles a coconut. The container can be heated and cooled repeatedly. What’s more, the container’s inward curved base enables it to be steady on uneven surfaces. It’s a simple idea that helps not just with convenience, but also with reducing food waste. In addition to a drip guard and hand grips that double as labeling sections, the package includes both a lip and a leveler, so consumers can easily measure the right amount of coconut oil, whether it’s in a solid or a liquid form. The container is placed in a paperboard sleeve with plenty of billboard space for marketing this product to health-conscious consumers.

Honorable Mention

2018 Honorable Mention
Serious About Cereal
University of Wisconsin–Stout

Last year's honorable mention went to Serious About Cereal from University of Wisconsin–Stout.

These students came up with a way to make cereal packaging easier to open and increase its shelf life. The consumer typically needs to pull, tear or cut the bag open, with the potential for mess afterward both inside and outside the package. Serious About Cereal’s inner bag introduces a laser-score opening and tear notch—an idea for easier opening that also has been introduced in other dry food products—plus a resealable seal strip. The adhesive tape seal strip works just like a piece of tape that can be reused multiple times.

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Entry Deadline: March 15, 2019

See entry requirements and download the entry kit.


Entry Requirements

  • Images: Up to four entry package photos (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff)
  • Brief Narrative: 300-500 words emphasizing how the package meets the judging criteria (PDF)
  • Extended Narrative: 1200-1500 words addressing how the package meets the applicable judging criteria in listed order, with each criteria section indicated. The narrative should not exceed four typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Physical package prototype(s): This is required for live judging. 

    Ship to:
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    Attn: Paige Jarvi
  • Additional Fields (Optional): One file upload and one URL may be used for a video, 3D model, CAD drawing or prototype image.


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