About TPC

The Transport Packaging Committee (TPC) is a technical committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP). TPC consists of over 200 member companies and associations from all industries. Each member is committed to the safe transport of packaged good through the distribution cycle.
Vision Statement:
The Transport Packaging Committee strives to be the recognized leader and resource on transport packaging standards, regulations and guidelines. The goal is to provide a forum with which we can use our collective expertise to help members solve issues on a global platform.
Mission Statement:
The mission of the TPC is to report, inform and educate IoPP members and members of the packaging community on current technical requirements for the distribution of packaged products through storage and handling at manufacturing plants, distribution and customer facilities, and transportation through various modes.

Have a Question about Transport Packaging:
Click the link below and be taken to the LinkedIn page for the IoPP Transport Packaging Committee. There your questions and comments will be viewed by hundreds of Transport and Packaging professionals worldwide. You can have a dialogue with experts in the field who can give you great advice and direction to your transport or packaging question, concern, or issue.

Responses you see on the LinkedIn IoPP TPC page should be taken only as advice and not explicitly used to make business decisions.  You should refer to legal and documented laws and regulations before taking action that affects your company’s transportation and packaging.





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