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The Packaging Adhesives and Adhesion Technical Committee (PAAT) of IoPP is one of the longest standing technical committees of the Institute. Formed in the early 1950's the Committee has over the years sponsored many cutting edge seminars-some in collaboration with other technical committees and chapters of the Institute or with other professional societies. In addition the Committee has held regular "learning experience" meetings and has authored several adhesive publications. The Committee has recently completed a new adhesive handbook titled, "ADHESIVES IN PACKAGING", which is an analysis of the types of adhesives, their specifications and properties.  The handbook is available from IoPP's bookstore.  The committee is also working on suggested test procedures to measure the high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and heat stress resistance of a hot melt adhesive.

Speakers from the Committee are available to talk about adhesives, particularly those used in packaging and converting operations. This is a valuable resource that you can use.

In addition to the activities mentioned above the Committee's members are frequently consulted answering specific adhesion problems posed by members of the Institute. Please feel free to use this service.

The Committee works in all areas of packaging and converting adhesives.  Again, please consult us if you need to talk to someone about an adhesive or adhesion problem.

The Committee has also helped start other Technical Committees. Information about task forces and other full Technical Committees can be obtained by contacting the Institute or the Packaging Adhesives and Adhesion Technical Committee.

Membership in the Committee is open to members of the Institute. Please contact us to obtain membership information and/or to suggest seminar subjects, plant tours, or other technical programs that would be of interest.

Members of the Packaging Adhesives and Adhesion Technical Committee will be at most of the major packaging shows this year.  We look forward to seeing you at these shows and your visit to the IoPP booth.

The Packaging Adhesives and Adhesion Technical Committee (PAAT Committee) is interested in any and all ideas and suggestions regarding agenda topics, learning experience speakers, meeting sites, proposed dates and possible plant tours.  If you have any suggestions about any of the above or want to become a member of the PAAT Committee, please contact IoPP.

You can e-mail committee chair Bob Forsyth at
Thank you.


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