Antitrust Statement

April 2008

Any time there are competitors in the room, we want to be sure that we are not talking about subjects that may raise issues under the antitrust laws, or are confidential or proprietary. Please note these few reminders.

We are not here to discuss competitively sensitive information, such as information about a particular company’s prices, profit margin, cost structure, output, discounts, allowances, promotional practices, product introductions or marketing strategies. Each company makes its own independent decisions about these matters, and they should not be discussed here.

Although our discussions may touch on “best practices,” the goal of our meeting is to share learnings rather than to agree that any participating company will change the way it operates, as to its own internal practices or as to its relationships with any of its vendors or customers. Accordingly, it is up to each company to choose how to use, if at all, the information and ideas discussed in this meeting.

Please remember that the attendees to this meeting have not signed a Confidentiality Agreement. Accordingly, you should not disclose any information that you or your company consider confidential or proprietary. You should not hand out materials that contain confidential information, and you should not disclose confidential information during any of the meeting discussions. All information disclosed in this meeting should be considered in the “public  domain.”

Also remember that contracts with vendors or customers (or your company’s relationship with its vendors or customers) may impose confidentiality obligations which prohibit the disclosure of contract terms or other information about your company’s relationships with its vendors or customers. Consequently, you should not disclose information about a vendor or customer unless you are confident that your company’s contract and relationship with the vendor or customer permit the disclosure of the information.

Thank you for your attention to these important reminders. We encourage you to contact your company’s Law Department if you have any questions.