IoPP Honors & Awards

Join us in honoring the exceptional achievements of your fellow IoPP members and their invaluable contributions to the packaging industry.

Nominate deserving individuals for prestigious categories such as Honorary Lifetime Member, College of Fellows, Pi Alpha Kappa, and Rising Leader. By participating, you not only acknowledge their outstanding accomplishments but contribute to the overall advancement of our industry.


Honorary Lifetime Member: The IoPP Board of Directors confers Honorary Life Memberships as recognition for exceptional and significant contributions and service to the Institute.

To be eligible for nomination, individuals must maintain a membership in good standing for a minimum of twenty-five (25) years. Additionally, if they have held an officer position within the Institute, they must continue actively promoting the objectives and purposes of the Institute for at least three (3) years following their service. View the list of past recipients.

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College of Fellows: The Board of Directors confers the title of College of Fellows Member as recognition for remarkable and exceptional contributions and service to the field of packaging. In any given year, the Board may approve no more than one Fellow for every 1,000 current members. These individuals exemplify the knowledge, skills, and conduct of dedicated professionals in the industry.

To be eligible for nomination, individuals must have maintained a membership in good standing for a continuous period of at least fifteen (15) years and currently hold the designation of CPP. Their contributions and service should demonstrate a commitment to advancing the field of packaging. View the list of past recipients.

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Rising Leader: The Board of Directors confers the title of Rising Leader Member as recognition for emerging packaging professionals who show great potential in their careers. Each nominee must maintain a membership in good standing for a continuous period of at least three (3) years but no more than ten (10) years.

To qualify for this honor, individuals must demonstrate remarkable growth, accomplishments, and leadership within the packaging industry during the early stages of their career. Their contributions and dedication serve as a testament to their potential and future impact on the field. View the list of past recipients.

The deadline for nominations is approaching fast, with submissions closing on September 30.

Pi Alpha Kappa: This distinction is the highest honor a member can achieve for their exceptional service to a Chapter or Committee, recognizing outstanding active participation, service, and longevity with the Chartered Unit. To be eligible for this prestigious award, candidates must currently hold a membership with IoPP and have actively participated in IoPP for a minimum of four (4) years.

Members who are nominated for the Pi Alpha Kappa award are not eligible for nomination for a National Award in the same year. The nomination fee for Pi Alpha Kappa is $45, which includes the cost of the plaque and shipping. Once nominations for Pi Alpha Kappa have been approved by the Chair or President of the Chartered Unit, they may be presented at any time throughout the year.


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