Fundamentals of Packaging Technology: In-Person Course

Helping you succeed in a complex field
If you don't have a packaging degree, or if you need more knowledge to deliver solutions drawn from increasingly complex options, then IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course can help you fill in the gaps. It teaches you about every major segment of packaging, and you grow professionally.

“It filled in knowledge gaps about processes we do that I had limited exposure to.”

—Josh Peters, Senior Designer, Emerson Tool Company

In-person, onsite
If choosing the in-person, onsite option, take as few as 2-1/2 days to cover a specific subject area, such as plastics or paperboard. Or, get packaging's "big picture" by taking all 10 days. The Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course is divided into four semesters. Each is 2-1/2 days long, and each covers specific topics such as paper, plastics, cans, bottles. Semesters include information on decorating, labeling, protective packaging, closures and machinery—a thorough exploration of Packaging 101. Take one semester at a time, in any order, or take all four semesters, choose the topics you need to reach the level of professional development you want.

Get a detailed semester breakdown.

Check in-person dates and locations and see registration information if taking Fundamentals onsite.

Fundamentals of Packaging Technology delivers information reviewed by subject matter experts in the most effective ways possible:

  • In-Person sessions are informal. They allow small group discussions and individual attention.
  • In-Person sessions allow you to handle actual samples of packages and review packages.
  • Instructors provide multimedia presentations and videos illustrate the latest packaging materials, containers, components and techniques.
  • Hands-on sessions allow active participation and individual problem solving.
  • A complete set of course slides, in workbook form, provide a handy reference tool to bring back to your desk.

“I found all the information from the course useful—great course!”

—Dustin Miller, Boehringer-Ingelheim

Who should attend?
IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course is for anyone who needs to know more about packaging materials and their properties, and other basics of packaging. You can benefit from the course if you are:

  • New to packaging and need a broad introduction
  • A manager who needs a wider view of packaging
  • A sales rep who wants to expand your technical background
  • An engineer or technician with part-time responsibility in packaging
  • A packaging professional changing your focus who needs to come "up to speed" in a new area of packaging
  • A purchasing professional who needs more technical depth
  • A student or professional preparing for certification

This course is for technical, non-technical and management personnel. Material is discussed in-depth with easy-to-understand explanations.

“Concepts were explained with simple diagrams. Non-technical people would understand most of the concepts.”

—Food & Drug Administration staff attendee

Instructors who are professionals
IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Professionals is taught by a hand-picked team of packaging professionals with special qualifications. Read the instructors' bios.

“I now have more appreciation for the details of packaging, especially given the knowledge of the instructors. Their experience in the industry was phenomenal. Good detail about packaging types I wasn’t familiar with, I am looking forward to applying the information about pallet efficiencies at my job.”

—Mike Gosselin, Quality and Product Development Manager, Pacific Bag Inc.

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