Fundamentals of Packaging Technology - Online course

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the online Fundamentals modules?
Go to the online site, and follow the instructions on each screen.

What are the minimum computer requirements that I need to access these classes online? Can I take the online modules on my tablet computer?
The online modules are built in HTML5 technology, which is supported by all browsers and devices.

I can’t see the navigation arrows or other components of the modules on my screen. What do I need to do?
The screen resolution on your monitor might be set too low. The course is built for a resolution no lower than 1024x768. Try the following solutions: Change your resolution setting to 1024x768 or higher. Also try clicking on the F11 key to expand the viewable area on your screen; you might be able to “full-screen” the browser window. Or, view the course from another computer with a higher resolution capability.

Are there discounts for taking high volumes of the online modules?
Yes, you can choose from two corporate license options, which allow you to purchase in volume by either head count (Platinume Corporate License) or module count (Group License). For details on the benefits of licensing the online program, click here. For details on both license options, click here.

Do I receive a Fundamentals of Packaging Technology textbook if I register for the online modules?
IoPP will provide a complimentary copy of Fundamentals of Packaging Technology textbook to individuals who register and pay for the complete online Fundamentals course. Individuals who register only for portions of the course will still need to purchase the book.

Will I receive printed materials that complement the online modules if I register for this program?
No. The modules are designed specifically for an online learning environment. No printed materials are provided

Are there other payment options besides a credit card for online registration?
Credit card is the preferred method of payment, but IoPP also accepts payment for online Fundamentals classes by check. To pay by check, complete your online registration, and then download the pay-by-check form.

Is there a discount for taking course bundles vs. individual modules?
Yes, a 10% discount is offered on the pricing of bundled classes over the cost of purchasing them individually.

Is financing available for the full online course?
Unfortunately, IoPP cannot offer any financing options for the program. Consider enrolling in individual lessons as you are able.

Can I start a module on one computer and finish it on another computer?
Yes, as long as you can get onto the Internet and access the IoPP Learning Center, you can work on a class on any computer you have available.

Once I complete my order, is there an expiration time limit on the modules I’ve purchased?
Your classes will be accessible for six months.

After beginning a module, can I bookmark my spot and save it, and resume it later? How long do I have to complete a module after I’ve started it?
Yes, you can return to any section of the class you have started by clicking on the tabs to the left of the course screen. A class will expire one month after you begin taking it.  You may enter the class multiple times to complete the program after you purchase it. However, the license is only for one (1) user.  Entry from multiple locations or users will void the license, and access will be discontinued without refund.

Can I replay/refresh the course after I've finished?
Yes, any lessons you purchase are available in your learning center after completion.

Is there an examination?
Each module contains test questions to ensure you understand each lesson. You may also enroll in the IoPP Certified Packaging Professional program. Visit for details.

With online training now available, what will happen to IoPP’s in-person Fundamentals course?
In-person and classroom training will continue as an important IoPP program. Some people learn better online, and welcome the convenience it offers. Others still prefer the benefits of face-to-face training, where they can examine actual package samples and also interact with the instructor and their peers.

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