CPC Officers

IoPP Technical Committee of the Year


Chemical Packaging Committee Officers:

Christina Kurtz (Arkema) - Chairperson of the CPC

Steve Brion (TEN-E Packaging Services) - Vice Chairperson of the CPC

Steve Schulte (ChemADVISOR) - Secretary/Treasurer of the CPC


Sub Committee Leaders

Packaging and Commodity Subcommittee

C. L. Pettit (RIPA)– Chairperson

Alexei Main (Arkema) - Vice Chairperson


Regulations and Legislation Subcommittee

Vaughn Arthur (DGAC) - Chairperson

Susan Nauman (IPANA) – Vice Chairperson


CPC Executive Subcommittee members:
Christina Kurtz (Arkema) – Chairperson, Executive Subcommittee

Christina Kurtz (Arkema) – Chairperson of the CPC

Steve Schulte (ChemADVISOR) - Vice Chairperson of the CPC

Amy Lee (Ecolab)- Secretary/Treasurer of the CPC

Dave Carlson (Carlson Consulting) - Membership Committee Chairperson

C. L. Pettit (RIPA) - Chairperson of Packaging Commodity Subcommittee

Vaughn Arthur (DGAC) - Chairperson of Regulations and Legislation Subcommittee

Amy Lee (Ecolab) – Secretary to the Executive Subcommittee

Lonnie Jaycox (Jaycox Consulting, LLC) - Webmaster

David McKay (Afton Chemical) – Member- at-Large

Steve Banko (Inhance Technologies, LLC.) - Member-at-Large

Eric Yeh (Covestro) - Member-at-Large

Barbara Dykes - IoPP Representative 



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