IoPP Packaging University

Become smarter about packaging: Create Your Company's Own "Packaging University"

IoPP can customize a private, online learning portal for your entire packaging team that provides standardized training and peer-created content on packaging technology basis. You can also push this essential training out to your vendors and customers. Your entire packaging value chain can work together as an efficient team, drawing from the same knowledge base and speaking one language.

Peer-created and -reviewed content
A new online course has been created for IoPP and vetted by subject-matter packaging experts at Kraft Foods, General Mills, Ecolab and Clorox—which faced the same employee and vendor packaging training challenges as your company. This content is now available to your company through a corporate license.

License provides customization, discount pricing and easy progress tracking
You select the entire course—based on IoPP’s Fundamentals of Packaging Technology seminar—or only the lessons that are important to your business. Corporate license pricing is discounted from rates charged for individual registrations. The lessons you select are posted on your customized portal—your own branded “packaging university”—to those who are authorized for training. IoPP’s Learning Management System enables easy tracking of each trainee’s progress as they complete lessons. Click here to learn more about licensing options.

Targeted training on an array of topics
Take all 41 modules and 27 hours of web-based training. Or select from 12 class bundles or register for lessons a la carte. The course content is recognized by the World Packaging Organisation. Each narrated module is ready for download, and each contains a review and a quiz to test knowledge retention. This course can lead to Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) certification testing.

Get started
A corporate license requires just five people from the same company for training. Tell us three things: How many people will need training, the lessons each of them requires, and the length of the license you need. IoPP will build a learning plan to get your organization on its way to becoming smarter at packaging.

Please contact:
Jim George
Director of Education
Phone: 571-485-8330