Fundamentals Select—Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fundamentals Select differ from IoPP’s other Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course offerings?
The course content is the same as the other Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course offerings. The difference is that Fundamentals Select is a blended learning program offering the advantages of independent, online learning and also providing the opportunity for live discussion with an IoPP instructor. You are part of a small study group that has a one-hour weekly private Q&A session with the instructor over the duration of your course, covering the approximately four assigned lessons each week. 
Who is best suited for Fundamentals Select?
Those who desire independent online study, but for whom interaction with an instructor and their peers also is important. Those who can commit to completing approximately two to three hours of the course each week for 10 weeks, and who also can commit to attending the weekly instructor webcast hour sessions. You and other members of your group will complete approximately four modules each week.
How do I register for Fundamentals Select? 
Go to the Fundamentals Select online site, and follow the instructions on each screen. You will need to register separately for the Fundamentals online course and for the study group you select. Each study group will have a maximum of 12 attendees, so you are encouraged to register early to reserve your spot.
How will the weekly online instructor sessions work?
They will be in webcast style, in the GoToMeeting format. You will receive an e-mailed log-on code to join each week’s instructor session. You will see the instructor on your screen and be able to engage in a live discussion with the instructor, as well as other members of your study group. The instructor sessions are intended primarily as Q&A discussions on the content you’ve studied each week; no course teaching will be done, as you are expected to have completed that week’s lessons prior to the live discussion session.
When will the weekly instructor chats be held?
Generally, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Central time each Friday. 
What if I can’t attend an instructor session, will they be recorded for me to listen to later?
No. Study group members are expected to attend their weekly online discussion group sessions as scheduled. The study groups are intended to be a live, interactive discussion forum.
Are the other options for the Fundamentals course going away?
No. IoPP recognizes that busy professionals want more options so they can customize their packaging training to conveniently fit into their schedule; Fundamentals Select becomes the fourth learning option in the Fundamentals program. The other three options are: 1. Fundamentals In-Person—IoPP’s traditional 10-day, face-to-face Fundamentals course where you can interact with the class and examine actual packaging samples. 2. Fundamentals Online—the course’s 42 modules and 27 hours of training, or any portion of the course, are completed via desktop learning; and Fundamentals In-House—IoPP brings the course and instructor to your facility, when and where you want it. Fundamentals In-House is suitable for groups of at least 8-10 people.
Can I just register for individual course modules or lesson bundles from the online course catalog and still participate in a study group?
No. The study group option in Fundamentals Select is a value-added benefit available only with an enrollment in the complete online course.
Are there handout materials for the online course?
There are no additional printed materials, as it is Internet-based learning. However, upon registration, you will receive a copy of the textbook Fundamentals of Packaging Technology at no extra charge.
Why is there an additional fee beyond the cost of the online course for the weekly instructor group study sessions online? 
Fundamentals Select is a value-added convenience learning option with administrative costs that don’t apply with the basic Fundamentals Online course. However, when compared with traditional face-to-face classroom training, all aspects of Fundamentals Select are completed entirely on your computer screen. Beyond scheduling flexibility, you get a total of 10 hours of live instructor online discussion without the time and costs of travel, which in most cases would far exceed the fee for the Fundamentals Select weekly instructor sessions. 
How are the study groups set up? Does it matter which group I register for? 
The “Select” In Fundamentals Select comes when you choose your study group based on content-application focus. Initially, there will be three study groups. One will have weekly instructor discussion sessions of a general nature about packaging. The second group will discuss the course content as it applies only to food and beverage packaging. The third group will review the course content as it applies only to pharmaceutical packaging. Make sure to sign up for the appropriate study group for you. Upon completing registration for the study group, you will receive log-on information unique to you for the weekly instructor sessions.
Where can I review a schedule for each upcoming study group?
Go to Fundamentals Select schedules:
I don’t see a study group focused specifically on the area I need. Will IoPP be adding additional study groups focused on other industry sectors, such as housewares and cosmetics?
Potentially, if there is enough interest. If you think you would sign up for a study group with discussions focused vertically on industry applications outside of food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, contact Jim George, Director of Education.
Is there a chance that a study group could be cancelled?
In the remote possibility that IoPP would need to cancel a study group, you can still complete your coursework. IoPP would refund your fee for the study group.
Since Fundamentals Select is a new program, can I participate in the instructor study groups if I have previously completed the Fundamentals online course? 
Yes, if IoPP can verify your previous paid registration for the complete online course. You will need to pay the separate fee for the 10 weekly instructor-led sessions, which is $695 minus any applicable IoPP member discount.
I just need the Fundamentals online course without the study group. Can I register just for the online course?
Yes. This is the Fundamentals Online option. Just go to www.iopp.org and register for the online course only. You can only register for the study groups under Fundamentals Select.
I have a question about the Fundamentals online course.  Where do I go to get answers? 
Visit the FAQ for Fundamentals Online.
I have a question about Fundamentals Select that isn’t addressed here. Where should I ask?
Send your question to jimg@iopp.org.

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