College of Fellows Members

IoPP annually bestows the College of Fellows designation to those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of packaging.

Daniel L. Alexander, CPP, Fellow June E. Anderson, CPP, Fellow
William R. Armstrong, CPP, Fellow C. Graham Arnold, Fellow
Ukachi Anonyuo, CPPL, Fellow Sriman Banerjee, CPPL, Fellow
Terry Bedell, CPP, Fellow Mike Beck, CPP Lifetime, Fellow
Harold E. Bennett, CPP, Fellow John M. Bitner, CPP, Fellow
Lejo C. Brana, CPP, Fellow, MInstPkg Ralph E. Brandt, Jr., CPP, Fellow
Aaron L. Brody, PhD, CPP, Fellow James K. Cage, Fellow
Bret M. Carlson, CPP, Fellow Jane A. Chase, CPP, Fellow
Camille Chism, CPP Lifetime, Fellow Edward A. Church, CPP Lifetime, Fellow
Doug Compton, CPP Lifetime, Fellow Karen E. Conroy, CPP, Fellow
Chris DeJardin, CPP Lifetime, Fellow Robert P. Dennen, CPP, Fellow
Lawrence C. Dull, CPP, Fellow Michael H. Eastman, CPP, Fellow
Thomas Falls, CPP, Fellow S. Wayne Fast, Jr., Fellow
Walter C. Faulkner, CPM, Fellow Beth Feldkamp, CPP, Fellow
Suzanne L. Fenton, CPP, Fellow Robert M. Fiedler, CPP, Fellow, Honorary Life Member
Suzanne M. Fisher, CPP, Fellow Robert S. Forsyth, CPP, Fellow
Anthony J. Gallo, Jr., CPP, Fellow W. Duncan Godshall
James W. Goff, Fellow Jack J. Grams, PAK, Fellow, Life
Al Grant, CPP, Fellow Frank W. Green, P.E.
Joseph Grygny, Fellow Jean-Francois Guillerez, CPPL
John D. Guthridge, CPP, Fellow Thomas J. Hajec, Fellow
Bruce R. Harte, PhD, Fellow Peter Henningsen, Jr., CPP, Fellow
Gerald A. Hock, CPP, Fellow Frederick V. Holloran, CPP, Fellow
James E. Ingram, CPP, FM, Fellow Maryann Jashinske, CPP, Fellow
H. Lincoln Jepson, Fellow Henry G. Johnson, Fellow
Barry Jones, Fellow Connie Hardy Jones, CPP, Fellow
Thomas Kausch, CPP, Fellow Michael S. Kelley, CPP, Fellow
William I. Kipp, CPLP, CPP, Fellow Ronald C. Klein, Fellow
Glenn Carl Knudsen, CPP, CPM, CPLT, Fellow John C. Kohler, CPP, Fellow, Life
Stanley J. Kopecky, Fellow Marvin M. Kufahl, Ed.D, Fellow
Elmer L. Kuhlman, Fellow William R. Lako, CPP, Fellow
Curtis L. Larsen, CPP, Fellow Howard R. Leary, P.E., CPP, Fellow
Dave Leinberger, CPP Lifetime, Fellow Edmund A. Leonard, Fellow
Harlow E. Lichtwardt, Fellow George F. Long, CPP, Fellow
Thomas J. Lowery, CPP, Fellow Robert A. Luciano, P.E., Fellow
Burton R. Lundquist, Fellow Paul G. Markert, Fellow
Kenneth S. Marsh, PhD, CPP Lifetime, CFS, Fellow, Honorary Life Member Linda D. McCall, Fellow
Alfred H. McKinlay, P.E., CPP Lifetime, Fellow Robert Meisner, CPP-Fellow, CPLP
Thomas P. Mrozek, CPP, Fellow, Life Noel J. Mertz, CPP, Fellow
Ben Miyares, Fellow Patrick J. Nolan, Fellow
Duane Nordstrom, CPP, Fellow Donald J. O’Connor, CPP, Fellow
Rebecca Oesterle, CPPL, Fellow Andrew M. Parrella, CPP, Fellow
Tyler E. Pease, CPP, Fellow Charles E. Perrin, CPP, Fellow
James W. Peters, Fellow Elaine R. Pitts, Fellow
Norman L. Rathfon, III, Fellow John Harrold Redding, CPP, Fellow
Christopher Joseph Ritz, Fellow, CPP, CQM/OE Paul Grady Russell, CPP, Fellow
Arthur R. Schaefer, Fellow Thomas L. Schneider, CPP, Fellow, Honorary Life Member
Stephen V. Schulte, CHMM, CPP, DGSA, Fellow Richard L. Sheehan, Jr., CPP, Fellow
S. Paul Singh, PhD, CPP, Fellow Stu R. Smith, Fellow
Walter G. Soroka, CPP, Fellow John J. Spitzley, CPP, Fellow
Brian T. Stepowany, CPP, Fellow William C. Suttles, Fellow
Robert F. Testin, PhD, Fellow Charles E. Tudor, CPP Lifetime, Fellow
Jon Vaninger, PE, CPP, Fellow Leon Venech, CPP Lifetime, Fellow
Robert J. Vermillion, CPP, Fellow Michael Vincent, CPP Lifetime, Fellow
Julie Wachler, CPP, Fellow Dennis E. Young, CPP, Fellow
Paul J. Zepf, P.Eng. M.Eng, CPP, Fellow  

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