Berlin Packaging Extends License of IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology Online Course
IoPP and Berlin Packaging announce that Berlin Packaging has extended its license of IoPP’s Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course for a second year. IoPP is providing Berlin Packaging with a secure, co-branded online portal that contains the company’s customized course catalog. 
The individual courses Berlin has selected are available through its portal to preapproved employees at both Berlin Packaging and Berlin’s customer companies. Upon gaining access, these employees complete the packaging training on their computer screen. The courses are accessible whenever and from wherever they wish. 
Jeremy Lagomarsino, Vice President of Business Development & Strategy at Berlin Packaging, says the Fundamentals online course has been invaluable for getting new hires up to speed on packaging so they can contribute value quickly for Berlin’s customers.
“IoPP’s online curriculum has been a terrific asset for Berlin Packaging,” Lagomarsino says. “The training modules accelerate the onboarding process for our new employees, and we also offer the classes to our customers as our treat. It’s another great way to show how Berlin Packaging is investing in our customers and helping them be greater, faster. Signing on for another year of IoPP online training was a no-brainer.”
Adds Jim George, IoPP Director of Education: “Berlin Packaging’s use of the Fundamentals online course reflects a trend we’ve been seeing over the past 18-24 months at IoPP. When companies invest in continuing education, it’s often tending to be more of a team effort rather than an individual thing, to the extent that they’re now getting people elsewhere in their value chain involved too, so everyone learns the same information the same way. This is a great way to create the time-saving and money-saving efficiencies that often aren’t merely one-time benefits but those that enhance the bottom line year after year.”
Berlin Packaging is just one company reaping the benefits of continuing education through IoPP’s 
Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course. Some others are Kraft Foods, General Mills, Clorox and Ecolab, as well as packaging students in Kenya, through a special training arrangement sponsored by the Staples Foundation and IPACK-IMA. In all, participants from more than 40 countries have taken all or parts of the Fundamentals online course.
IoPP’s Fundamentals online course catalog, at www.iopp.org/elearning, comprises 42 prerecorded, self-directed lessons and 27 hours of learning covering all the major areas of packaging. Besides the complete course, the lessons may be purchased one at a time, in topic bundles and also in bulk through corporate licensing options. For details on corporate or group licensing, contact Jim George, Director of Education, jimg@iopp.org or 1-630-696-4011.

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