IoPP donates text books for new University of Houston Packaging Technology program
In support of a newly established packaging technology program at the University of Houston (UH) College of Technology, members of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) in Texas have donated 15 copies of Fundamentals of Packaging Technology for use in the program. Books will available to students taking the introductory course. Fundamentals of Packaging Technology is globally recognized as the definitive resource on packaging technology and is the basis for IoPP’s Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) Exam.

Jean Pierce, Adjunct Professor, University of Houston, recently presented to members of IoPP’s Gulf Coast Chapter details about the new UH Digital Media Packaging area of emphasis and their vision to create a minor in packaging. She related that UH is ranked #4 in the nation as one of the "12 Top Colleges Where Students Get the Best Bang for Their Buck" as a result of ongoing objectives to help offset skyrocketing student debt. The program, however, prevents a student requirement in purchasing the Fundamentals book, which is used by many major universities as their classroom text for their packaging programs.
According to Mike Eastman, IoPP Regional Vice President, “IoPP Chapters in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth see this gift as supporting the UH cost containment objective and it supports future packaging professionals by giving them the best opportunity to be prepared for jobs when they graduate.” 
John Hayward, Gulf Coast Chapter President (Houston), and Brendon Quick, Tejas Chapter President (Dallas/Fort Worth), have also pledged ongoing support for the new program.
For more details about this initiative, contact Mike Eastman CPP, IoPP Tejas Chapter, at mike.eastman76063@att.net, phone 1-817-473-1546 or 1-817-456-5070.
University of Houston is a tier one research university and is ranked among the best colleges by both The Princeton Review and U. S. News & World Report for 2014. The program is a part of the unique College of Technology program for Digital Media students. The goal of the program is to provide students with an understanding of the end to end processes involved in generating customer focused solutions. Students of the College of Technology gain an understanding of end to end solutions in order to learn the skills to become industry leaders and managers. The Packaging area of emphasis was approved this Spring and a minor in packaging is being proposed for 2015. The Packaging Technology Program will be the first offered in Texas and the Southwest.
According to the World Packaging Organization (WPO), the packaging industry is estimated to be worth $500 billion annually with an excess of 100,000 firms employing over 5 million people. Taking the step to address this under-represented area of education is another example of how the University of Houston is a knowledge resource for the public. 
For more information about the University of Houston: http://www.uh.edu/about/uh-glance/points-pride.
For more information about the Digital Media Program: http://www.uh.edu/technology/programs/undergraduate/digital-media/.

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