TricorBraun renews license of IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course for another two years

IoPP and TricorBraun announce that TricorBraun has renewed its license of IoPP’s Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course for two additional years.

The individual courses TricorBraun has placed in its catalog are available through its portal to preapproved employees at TricorBraun. Upon gaining access, these employees complete the packaging training on their computer screen. The courses are accessible whenever and from wherever they wish. 

“TricorBraun is among the leading-edge packaging companies that understand the flexibility and convenience that elearning offers packaging professionals, and they’ve been using it to their great advantage since launching their program with IoPP in 2013,” says Jim George, IoPP Director of Education.

“TricorBraun is committed to providing comprehensive training for our employees that advances their careers and enhances our customers’ experience.  We are pleased to offer all our employees the opportunity to increase their packaging knowledge base, because the more we know about the components and processes related to packaging materials we provide, the more efficiently and accurately we can assist our customers,” says TricorBraun President and CEO, Keith Strope.

“The increased options for e-learning and online training have greatly expanded due to technological and communication bandwidth advances, and TricorBraun is delighted to have these professional courses conveniently available.  The IoPP has a long history of providing excellent learning opportunities, and the online courses now provide them whenever busy packaging professionals can grab a few moments to learn,” observes Suzanne Fenton, CPP, Vice President of Brand Marketing.

To which Annamarie Konar, TricorBraun Director of Learning and Development, adds, “Online training is a fraction of the cost of seminars and is delivered right to the employee’s desktop or iPad. The elearning opportunity is providing a fast and convenient way to gain packaging knowledge anywhere and at any time.  TricorBraun employees can also use the e-learning modules to prepare and study for their Certified Packaging Professional license.” 

To date, companies and individuals in nearly 50 countries have completed training through the IoPP Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course. It is convenient, self-paced learning you can complete anywhere and as your schedule allows. 

IoPP’s Fundamentals online course catalog, at www.iopp.org/elearning, comprises 42 prerecorded, self-directed lessons and 27 hours of learning covering all the major areas of packaging. Purchase the complete course or single lessons, or choose from 12 lesson bundles, grouped by topic. For details on corporate or group licensing options, contact Jim George, Director of Education, jimg@iopp.org or (847) 686-2330.


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