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JANUARY 25, 2016

Video: The role of contract packaging in a customized supply chain
In this video from SupplyChainBrain, Nulogy CEO Jason Tham discusses today’s customized product demands from consumers—what they want, how they want it and when. That is driving the demand for creative solutions back through the supply chain, and contract packaging, so consumer product goods companies may deliver on consumer expectations.

View the video for Jason’s take on how some networks are responding, and view his presentation on the future of networked manufacturing, presented at the Contract Packaging Association’s 2015 annual meeting.

Blog: Contract packaging, from custom pack options to retail-ready
This insightful blog on contract packaging, materials, design options and more is updated regularly with tips, insights and ideas for your next project. It’s produced by WePackItAll.

Packaging strategy: Building in the cost savings
Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company or a marketer of other types of products, your best strategy is not necessarily to hope for a successful batting average in new-product launches, but rather to learn how to respond more flexibly and ably to the market, no matter which way the pitch rolls. After all, even if product sales fail to meet forecast, they may still be perfectly viable as long as their owner can manage their costs.

Get some ideas that may work for you in this article.

Meet contract packagers at industry’s annual meeting
Need help with contract packaging services? One excellent place to do your research is at the Contract Packaging Association’s annual meeting, which will be Feb. 25-28, 2016 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

Click here for details.

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