Current CPP Recertification BEFORE August 2013

Current CPP Recertification Before August 2013 

All current CPPs will stay on the five-year program.

To retain CPP status and attain lifetime certification, Certified Packaging Professionals are required to maintain IoPP membership and demonstrate continuing involvement in packaging by recertifying two times.

The CPP must apply for recertification five years after initial certification. Once they reach the tenth year after initial certification, they must apply for recertification a second and final time. To apply for recertification, do one of the following:

A) Submit a current “resume of activities” form with a work resume attached which updates experience and participation in packaging-related activities over the previous five-year period.

B) Successfully complete the timed narrative exam.

C) Submit a new paper written on a technical or management topic.

D) Submit a solely owned patent.

Changes to the program no longer allow the applicant to take the muliple choice exam as their method of recertificaiton testing. You must choose one of the methods above.

Having satisfied the requirement of two recertification cycles, a Certified Packaging Professional is considered qualified for the remainder of their career, provided current IoPP membership is maintained.