2019 Recipients

Congratulations to the 2019 IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship Fund Scholarship Winners!

Continuing a tradition of supporting packaging education and raising awareness of packaging education and careers in the packaging industry, IoPP is pleased to announce this year’s IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship Fund winners!

The PepsiCo R&D Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship awarded to one student in their Junior or Senior year, who is pursuing a degree in a course of study relevant to a career in the packaging industry.

This year's winner is:

Sarah Windisch, a four-year packaging engineering student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, graduating in December 2020. After Windisch graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and two years in the field, she went back to school and found that packaging engineering complemented her interest in graphic design as well as engineering.



The IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to two students, who are also in their Junior or Senior year, who are pursuing a degree in a course of study relevant to a career in the packaging industry.


This year’s winners are:

Morgan Bucholtz, a four-year packaging science student at Michigan State University, graduating in May 2020. Morgan plans on pursuing a career in packaging and aspires to better the lives of consumers by creating packaging that is more convenient, engaging and educational.



Michaela Gibson, a three-year packaging science student at Clemson University, set to graduate in December 2021. Michaela foresees multiple directions in which she could continue her career in packaging but has an interest in working for a toy company.




NEW THIS YEAR: IoPP is offering a new addition to the IoPP Packaging Education Scholarship this year via the generosity of the IoPP New England Chapter, awarding one student with a $500 scholarship.


This year’s winner is:

Madison Griebel, a four-year packaging science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating in May 2020. While her career goals are still a work in progress, Griebel has taken strides towards developing a goal to work for a CPG in the food and beverage industry.




Congratulations to all of this year’s scholarship winners!

Special thanks to this year’s judges:

  • Jane Chase, CPP, Fellow – Institute of Packaging Professionals, Executive Director
  • Andy Busteed - 3M
  • Matt Culver, CPP - Target Corp.
  • Susan Gruskin, CPP - PepsiCo
  • Tim Misna - Boston Scientific Corporation
  • Rebecca Oesterle, CPP – Just Born Quality Confections
  • Amy Schupbach, CPP – Adept Packaging
  • Maggie Turner, CPP - Amazon

Contact Barbara Dykes (571) 485-8739; e-mail: bdykes@iopp.org


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