Industry Reports

IoPP, through our strategic partnership with PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, is able to provide comprehensive Business Intelligence reports free to our members. These reports highlight key data, trends and innovations within the packaging and processing industries.

Industry Reports currently available include:

  • 2020 Trends and Drivers Impacting the Pet Food Industry - The pet food market is segmented into 4 main food types: Dry Food, Wet Food, Treats & Snacks, and Nutraceuticals.
  • 2020 Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Trends and Opportunities in Packaging Operations - Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are attractive sectors in the packaging industry. Successful packagers experience strong, long-term customer relationships, due to their understanding of the healthcare industry’s complex supply chain and their ability to navigate strict regulatory requirements.
  • 2020 Secondary Packaging Trends Retail Ecommere Direct to Consumer - With traditional retail storefronts under siege from a rapid expansion of online shopping, and foot traffic down for the foreseeable future, brand manufacturers have an opportunity to strengthen consumerdirect channels.
  • 2020 Packaging Sustainability A Changing Landscape - A report on how sustainable packaging initiatives at CPGs are affecting machines, materials, and packaging formats.
  • 2019 Trends and Advances in Food Packaging and Processing - Trends and Advances in Food Packaging and Processing, presents a collective voice of fifty-five of the largest food manufacturers and SMEs sharing their insight into the changes and challenges taking place on the plant floor.
  • 2019 Global Packaging Trends - A market research study highlighting future packaging demand, product categories and opportunities for growth in packaging amongst fast-growing and maturing world economies.
  • 2019 Omnichannel Retail - Operating Harmoniously in an Integrated, Digitally Enabled Supply Chain, is your review of how trends, machinery and the use of automation in the omnichannel retail industry impacts product packaging.
  • 2019 Senior-Friendly Healthcare Packaging White Paper - With the growing size and spending power of the senior population around the globe, healthcare packagers have an opportunity to attract the loyalty of the aging demographic by making packaging changes that cater to seniors and appeal to all patients.
  • 2019 Craft Beer & Spirits White Paper - This white paper discusses the similarities in production challenges at small and medium craft breweries and craft distilleries and points out the most important considerations that impact machine decisions.
  • 2019 Nutraceuticals Market Assessment - The nutraceuticals market is comprised of vitamins and supplements, functional beverages and functional foods. Packaging styles, similar to those in the pharma and food & beverage industries, are moving away from rigid plastic and glass containers toward portable stick packs and flexible pouches. The total global market is anticipated to grow from about $209 billion in 2017 to $373 billion in 2025.
  • 2017 Cannabis White Paper - Most people involved with the cannabis industry are aware of the risks, especially in terms of legal status, but believe the potential rewards out-weight them. Overall, there is a belief that cannabis will become a mainstream, but heavily regulated, product in the U.S. in the next 10 years, like alcohol and tobacco. Large food and beverage companies are eying the market and positioning themselves to be ready to move once the federal threat is removed. In the meantime, because processing, packaging and retail must be state-specific, suppliers to the cannabis industry must have local teams that understand the regulations and peculiarities of each market.

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