Member Referral Program

IoPP is thrilled to announce the official launch of the brand-new IoPP Member Referral Program! This new program offers exciting new member benefits via reward points for each new member referred.

Here’s how it works…

IoPP Members in good standing earn points based on the member type that joins. The individual who joins MUST identify the member who referred them in the “How did you learn about IoPP?” field on the membership application in order to earn the points toward the membership referral program. 

  • 1 point/Regular member referred
  • 1.5 points/Premium member referred
  • 2 points/Elite member referred

Members earn points on a continuous basis and points are accumulative. Points will not expire unless membership is dropped or cancelled. The balance of the Member Referral Points can be found on the member's profile under the "Custom" tab.

Points needed per reward:

  • Upgrade from Regular to Premium Membership: 1 point
  • Upgrade from Premium to Elite Membership: 2 points
  • Upgrade from Regular to Elite Membership: 3 points
  • One Year of Free Membership: 6 points
    • One-year free membership is for a total of 12 months from the member’s anniversary date and will extend the member’s current membership expiration date by one year

To redeem your points, submit a request to info@iopp.org.

NOTE: Points are not earned for new Affiliate, Student or Retired members. The referral must be for a NEW membership application, not a renewal.



IoPP Mentor Match

Connect with IoPP members for one-on-one IoPP focused mentorship!

For more details, visit our  FAQs or Mentor Match Community.


Training Opportunities in 2023

Fund of Packaging Technology
Apr 24-28 & May 15-19
Sep 18-22 & Oct 9-13
Packaging Machinery: Basics
Oct 2-4
e-Learning available 24/7


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