Judging Criteria

AmeriStar judges will score each criteria listed within each section below on a scale of 1-5. 5= strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree.

•    The package demonstrates an application of a “new idea”.
•    The package demonstrates a creative use of existing ideas.
•    The package makes use of new design, material or technique.
•    The design successfully transfers packaging principles from other industries.
•    The package reflects important new marketing strategies.
•    The package reflects new manufacturing advances.

Product Protection
•    The package successfully protects the biological, chemical and/or physical integrity of the product.
•    The original product protection requirements, as specified, are sufficiently addressed by this package design.
•    The testing specified sufficiently addresses the need for protection for this application.
•    The package successfully meets the test requirements expressed (evidence shown)

•    The package addresses a specific economic concern.
•    The package design results in cost savings. Cost savings may be demonstrated by any or all of the following:

o Distribution Improvements
o Damage Reduction
o Packing/Processing Efficiencies
o Machinability
o Material Standardization
o Labor Costs
o Warehousing/Storage costs
o Material Costs

•    This design addresses the package’s life cycle, as demonstrated by any/all of the following:

o Reusability
o Recyclability
o Material Reduction
o Improved Material Strength
o Density Improvements

Package Performance
•    The package is easily filled, opened, dispensed, reclosed, stored.
•    It can be run on existing packaging machinery.
•    It is easily integrated into the existing distribution system.
•    The package offers significant new benefits in handling, storage and warehousing.

•    The structural design contributes to product image or shelf impact.
•    The package design improves or contributes to acceptance of the product.
•    The package’s marketing appeal has been significantly improved by the redesign

Environmental Impact
•    The package successfully addresses current and appropriate environmental concerns.
•    The package design has eliminated, avoided or reduced unnecessary materials.
•    Design consideration includes reusable and/or recyclable materials/systems where available.
•    The package uses recycled materials where possible.
•    The design has considered end-of-life scenarios for the package.
•    The design minimizes the potential negative effects the package and its components will have on the environment.
•    The design has undergone a life cycle review—“cradle to grave.”

Save Food Criteria
•    Relative to a replaced package design or a competitor’s package design, what is the percentage reduction in food waste associated with the new design?
•    How well has the food waste reduction design been communicated via the packaging?
•    How well has the food waste reduction design been communicated via other means, e.g., media and promotion?
•    How easy is it to apply the design feature and minimize food waste?
•    How significant are the increased environmental impacts of the package design due to the new design aspects?


For questions regarding your AmeriStar entry, please contact +1 (571) 266-4403 or info@iopp.org.


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