IoPP Premium Webinar - Project Management’s ‘Odd Pair’ Waterfall and Agile: Do You Really Need Both?

IoPP Premium Webinar

Project Management’s ‘Odd Pair’ Waterfall and Agile: Do You Really Need Both?

Thursday, September 29, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST


“We need to churn these product outs quickly.” “Speed-to-market is what we’re focused on.” “We plan on undergoing Agile Transformation.” Have you heard any of these phrases? According to Gartner, 45% of product launches are delayed, an average of 20% fail to meet internal targets—and often, the culprits can be found in how a packaging project is managed.

This presentation will explore the difference between waterfall and agile, two commonly used project management methodologies, why it is important for your projects and incorporating a hybrid approach for tackling your project launches.

What you will learn:
The differences between the waterfall and agile methodologies.
Advantages and disadvantages of both methods.
Effective strategies for a hybrid approach.
Tools and systems for tracking project success.


Megan Young Gamble, Get Level Consulting

Megan Young Gamble, PMP, is a project management veteran, emphasizing packaging, who is the owner and principal consultant at Get Level Consulting. In the packaging arena, she oversaw packaging development as NPD Operations Manager at Astral Brands. She has trained more than 300 professionals, launched over 600 products in the consumer personal goods industry and managed 400-plus projects in the automotive, personal goods, packaging, technology and insurance industries. Megan also is the principal trainer at the Accelerate Level Institute. She volunteers with the Project Management Institute’s Atlanta Agile Forum as program manager.



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