CPC members during their fall 2023 meeting at IoPP headquarters in Herndon, VA.

The Chemical Packaging Committee (CPC) is a technical committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals. CPC consists of over 70 member companies and associations from the Chemical Industry. Each company is engaged in the manufacture, packaging, or distribution of chemicals.

CPC provides a leadership forum through a broad and diverse representation of the chemical industry by:

  • Proactive participation in regulation formulation for local, national, and global events
  • Development and distribution of position papers about industry issues to CPC members, regulatory bodies, and others. 
  • Providing professional development materials to CPC members 
  • Embracing safe and sustainable best practices.
  • Responding to industry trends and CPC member needs
  • Maintaining subcommittees for specific areas of interest, including:
    • Regulation and Legislation
    • Drum, Pail, and Intermediate Bulk Containers
    • Bag, Box, and Bottles
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Chemical Packaging Committee Leadership

Chemical Packaging Committee Officers:

  • Chairperson: Steve Schulte 
  • Vice Chairperson: C. L. Pettit
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Julie Kormos

Sub Committee Leaders

Packaging and Commodity Subcommittee:

  • Chairperson: Lonnie Jaycox
  • Vice Chairperson: Susan Nauman

Regulations and Legislation Subcommittee:

  • Chairperson: Peter Apostoluk
  • Vice Chairperson: Brian Bilyeu

CPC Executive Subcommittee members:

  • Executive Chairperson: Christina Kurtz
  • Executive Secretary: Jeremy Gibbs
  • Membership Chair: Luis Villasor
  • Webmaster: Justin Burke
  • Members-at-Large: Susan Hauge, Robert Ten Eyck, Matt Mlynarczyk

IoPP Representative

  • Barbara Dykes